Thursday, March 5, 2009

Offering a Seat?!

Another set of fun yet disappointing games of DotA with my friends. Trash talks here and there on who's the best with no one conceding to the others. We continued like this even if we rode a public vehicle. We exchanged harsh words which if others hear us, which they did because we were so loud, they would think that we were really fighting, but in our heads we were having fun saying and topping every word the others say. The vehicle stopped and a lady checks if she could ride with us. There was a small part where she can sit but not comfortably but still she sat. And a girl friend of mine signaled to me to get off the vehicle and to offer a seat to the lady and I agreed. I rode the vehicle standing up. After we got off the vehicle, i had a realization. Why did I need to be told to offer the chair to a lady? Why didn't other guys offer their seat? Is being a gentleman a thing of the past? Is it dead as a cat that was runned over by an eight-wheeler truck? Do we need to be told in order for us to be a gentleman? Being a gentleman is not bad and actually is satisfying knowing I helped someone. I vow to be a gentleman in my own way by either offering a seat, opening doors for women, help women carry heavy stuffs, etc. Of course without being told to.