Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Infotechnix - Our Ultimate Goal!

Good day guys! As this semester comes to an end, we are beginning to plan and implement our plans for our company, Infotechnix. I have failed to mention here that we suspended the start of our operations since most of our colleagues are still having problems on their thesis. Our planned formal start would be next year and we are all excited to make our plans happen.

As of the moment, we are all busy getting our school stuff done so that by next year, we can fully focus on our goals and on making Infotechnix a Lead Generation Company of web designs and development. What I like about our group is the desire and commitment that each of us has shown. We all know that it is not easy to start a company but we are willing to give our full attention and focus to it.

All we need to do is to wait for next year and to plan ahead and to sort out these plans so that we can distribute the workload to all members. I hope and I believe, with God's grace and guidance, that we can pursue and make our goals and aspirations a success.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Crisis Solution - Cash Advance!

Good day guys! Classes are suspended the whole day as the city took a break and celebrates its traditional fiesta. Despite the celebration, I can’t help but think about the present crisis that hit Metro Manila. I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post the situation there. Indeed disaster tends to hit during unexpected times. Another disaster that hit the world earlier is the recession, which is a big financial tragedy. Though our country wasn’t as badly hit as that of other countries whose financial disposition were toppled down as recession hit the globe, I still took it as a personal warning to be careful. There is indeed a need to be financially wise.

Being financially wise though does not mean quitting spending at all. It’ll be bad for the economy if people suddenly stop spending. It simply means being precautious in spending, which means learning to sort out the "want" from the "need", and prioritizing the latter.

Also, in this world of electronic cash, I figured that there really will be instances still where real cash is necessary. There will be times when we will be out of real cash and we wouldn’t be able to use any credit card or debit card to pay for an emergency expense. In these cases, going for cash advances is a wise thing to do. It easily solves the problem of unexpected expenses.

An attitude that is worthy adopting is thinking that the money that I have is a blessing that I must use wisely on beneficial things. I must learn to treasure it in a way that I would want to avoid wasting it. Probably with this thinking, all other habits in good financial management will just follow.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

A Bad Example - Worth Mentioning!

Good day guys! As everyone know, the Philippines is experiencing a big problem because of a typhoon that hits in our place. Fortunately, my home city is not included but at our capital, in Metro Manila, the typhoon is causing floods which already killed hundreds of citizens including soldiers and volunteers who risked their lives to save many people from dying. Amidst these crisis, I am thankful to see many Filipinos trying their very best to help each other by donating foods and goods to those who are affected by the typhoon. It is touching to watch and learn that all the Filipinos are united.

As I open and checked my facebook account, my friend tagged me to this very disturbing and disappointing photo. I was so angry and at the same time felt very sad to see this photo of a Korean twitter, I think. By the way here is the photo which I think I need to show.

It is so sad to learn that racism is still existing nowadays. I know that she has a freedom of expression, but please if you need to comment or post something do think if your post will hurt others. And if you have a certain angst for Filipinos, please do keep it to yourself and do not wish for somethings you certainly do not want to happen to yourself. It is better to be silent than to speak with hurting words. God be with you my friend, whoever you are!

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Monday, September 28, 2009

RBC Propdance - Royal Fusion!

Good day guys! Last Sunday was a very tiring yet fun-filled experience. We had a contest of dances! Here is the video of our dance number. Hope you will like it! To God be the glory!

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Long Awaited Finish is Here!

*Warning: Some words used may need experience in Java Programming!*

Good day guys! Have you experienced pressure? Pressure that consume you from the inside and out? Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally? Have you experienced wanting to explode and give up but yet you continue to do it because either you have no choice or you feel that you can do it? And then, at long last, the pressure and pain that enveloped you is quickly replaced by enjoyment and happiness? Well, that is what I am feeling right now! Whew!

Just recently, our instructor gave us a laboratory exercise in which we are asked to construct and implement a Binary Search Tree and an AVL Tree. Actually, the algorithm is not that hard to understand so I just took my time in coding the program. All went according to plan until I encountered an unexpected error, java.lang.NullPointerException. At first, I was thinking that it's just a minor problem. So I went on debugging and putting some conditions to satisfy and prevent the exception. My line count doubled as time passes by and by the end of the day the code was like messed up. Thinking that I can do it without any help, I continued coding the day after. The same error keeps showing up! I was in panic mode because the deadline was fast approaching. It took me almost 3 days to call it quits and ask help from my classmates. One of my classmates helped me and after about 5 hours of debugging with her, we realized that the constructors were poorly constructed and we had to revise the constructor and recode the whole program. And now, thanks to my classmate, I finally finished the codes but is 2 days behind schedule. This piece of code is the reason for everything. LOL!
AVLTree() {
        root = new AVLNode();

One thing I learned from this ordeal is that if all else fails and you have done everything that you can, you don't need to act tough. You can always lower your pride and ask for help! Always remember that no man is an island!

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hannah Montana Mistakes!

Good day guys! This day has been pretty much consumed by school work which included heavy programming as I tried to meet a deadline in our Data Structures. I think I’ve encountered more syntax this day than actual human words. So I figured that there’s nothing like watching a good comedy show to loosen up my over-stressed brain cells. A friend of mine suggested to me that I should watch Disney’s Hannah Montana, which is all clean innocence and humor. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s about a typical girl named Miley Stewart who has the best of both worlds as she lives a double life as a famous pop star. She just puts on a blonde wig, plus the makeup and the get up and she’s Hannah Montana, the teen pop sensation.

No offense to the creators of the show but I really wondered if they have ever heard of a Phone Number Lookup. It’s obvious that Miley is using only one cellular phone number. In episode one of season one, Miley’s best friend Lily, a big Hannah fan, figured out her secret as she breaks in Hannah’s dressing room after a concert and gave a call to Miley(supposedly to tell her best friend that she’s finally broken in their idol’s dressing room), which as she did so, Hannah’s phone rang. In episode 23 of season 3, a radio program called to interview Hannah Montana, a call which took place through Miley’s phone. Ok so probably the show is made for kids and details aren’t that important, since it’s all for laugh’s sake. I just thought that kids nowadays are smarter than they used to be and might figure out how the Hannah story can sometimes be too unrealistic.

God bless guys and keep the faith intact!

Fantasy - Having It the G.I. Joe Way!

Good day guys! In my previous post, I’ve talked about my dream house and how I like musing about how my future would be. Aside from owning the fastest car in the neighborhood, another fantasy of mine is getting a snowmobile. I’m thinking that if I probably have a job right now, this’ll be the perfect season to save up for one since there are still a few months before winter.

I got the idea after watching G.I. Joe the movie. Yes, I’ve drooled over the faster-than-the-speed-of-sound jet planes and the mobile suits. The one scene that got stuck into my mind though is the one where Scarlet, Snake Eyes, and duke’s best friend Ripcord came crashing into the enemy base with state of the art snowmobiles, which they later used to launch some of the nanotechnology-based weapon in the air, where they can do no harm. It was hardly realistic. But the scene was great and ultimately cool.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Being Safe - Precautions!

Good day guys! I can’t believe how the crime rate has shot up recently. Last night’s news featured all sorts of crime: from a foolish case of a guy running away with his lover’s money to a more gruesome murder incident. I can’t help but ponder too about my own safety and security. I have classes until 7:30 and normally, I’d have to go home after sundown. And criminals are like vampires. They thrive in the night.

Obviously, there is a need to take extra precautions these days. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of being the wrong person in the wrong place, at the wrong time for misfortune to find you. That’s why you have to be aggressively avoiding danger. However, fear does tend to over-rate things. Eventually too much precaution becomes unnecessary paranoia, which is often quite damaging to one’s social life. You’d stop going to parties because all your friends tend to party at night. And if you do go to one, you’d start fearing meeting new people, thinking that everyone can be a possible villain. The used-to-be friendly conversation in the bus on the way home becomes unthinkable. Every stranger becomes a suspect. You’re safe alright. But you’re also committing social suicide, which is a foolish thing to do. Now there’s a wiser way of securing your safety. One is making use of the internet. There’s this site that lets you Track Sex Offenders. That way, you know who to avoid and gives you an idea which person to befriend. Another is having the police station number at your speed dial. Carrying an umbrella is also a practical move. Not only are you ready for the rain, offenders also tend to avoid those who are carrying possible weapons. Another great idea is to go home in groups. You can think of your friends as your shield. Not only are you safe, you gain more time to socialize too.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

Entrance to My Very Own Bat Cave!

Good day guys! How are you guys? Do you know what grandfather clocks look like? Have you ever watch some horror films where in midnight some big old clock gives off a loud sound. Well, those big old clocks, my friends, are what we call grandfather clocks. I remember when I was a child at my grandparents' house at Bohol, they had this very antique furniture and stuff that their house almost look like haunted ones. Whenever I look at the furniture, it gave me goosebumps especially their grandfather clock.

But now as I am a bit older, I see grandfather clocks as unique and elegant-looking clocks. They are big, most of the time wooden, and they have this big pendulums which I really like very much. Maybe I will get one for my future house and put it in the living room. Maybe I'll use it as an entrance to my Bat Cave just like Batman. Maybe grandfather clocks are a very great and important invention.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Picture - First Ever Duet!

Good day guys! I finally got pictures of my first ever duet contest! I am so happy! It was so amazing that I was able to sing for the Lord. Here are the pictures. My partner is Brice Serquiña. She has a good singing voice and she know how to play the guitar. *my ideal girl* . Hehehe...If your reading this, then yes I admire you! Hehehe...

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Dream House!

Good day guys! Today is a Sunday and one thing that I really like doing on Sundays is musing about my dream house. As a graduating student, I got into the habit of wondering about how my future will be. Often I think about my future career, where I will possibly work and the probable nature of my future job, which often leads me to think about my possible salary range someday. Eventually, my train of thought goes to what kind of lifestyle I’ll be living someday. This kind of thinking would usually comprise of my dream house, my dream car, my dream pets, etc. But mostly I would linger on how my dream house will be.

It’s just that it requires so much detail. And I pretty much believe that the kind of home I’ll be having someday will pretty much define the quality of life that I will be living. So I imagined my dream house to be somewhere near the sea because I want a fabulous view of the ocean. There were some Driveway Gates San Diego that I saw on the internet and I imagined that it would be cool to have those for my house someday. I’ll probably need some of those Chain Link Fencing In San Diego for my backyard. I’d like to think that I’ll be having a bigger backyard in the future, with not so high walls, which can be bothersome if I want my house to be somewhere near a canopy of trees. My house will be a mixture of a classic Victorian design, with a modern touch. There has to be a library, and a sound proof music room. It will also house a lot of gadgets. In fact, I’d want my kitchen to be fully computerized. I think I’d want my bedroom and my living room to be the same way too. I’m not much of an architect and I can’t really put all of these things together in my head but one thing’s for sure, It’s going to be an expensive house with lots of expensive stuff in it. That’s why I badly need a stable and at the same time, fashionable gate for it. Maybe I can get one at San Diego Fence Company.

God bless guys and remember to always keep the faith intact!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What I Needed Is A Lookup!

Good day guys! I commend my cell phone for waking me up this morning. Other than serving as my alarm clock nowadays, it also made me feel like my morning was crowded with people. I got 15 new messages in my inbox, all of which I had to respond to. Recently I had been the contact person of many events. And messages just keep on flooding my phone. It was bad enough that I had to reply to a bunch of people as soon as possible (believe me, it’s like having multiple conversations simultaneously). What really took up my time are those anonymous text messages and callers. Not only do I have to take extra effort in being really polite in asking for their names, I have to somehow take a risk because really, I have no way of verifying the owner’s identity.

I had this number for like two (2) years already. I decided to keep this so that it would be always easy for my friends and acquaintances to reach me. Also, I won’t have to introduce myself over and over again to my contacts. Often times though I wish everyone else had the same principle as mine. That way, whenever somebody anonymous texts or calls me, I won’t have to always keep on asking who they are, and coming up with a excuses just so I’d avoid offending them if just in case, I did delete their number accidentally.

As I finally settled for my breakfast, which had gone cold because of the long wait. I had a deep thought: what I really needed is a Phone Number Lookup. And viola! After a few minutes in the internet, that’s exactly what I got with this website, a Phone Number Lookup. And that pretty much made my day.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Missing My Cousins!

Good day guys! I was just wondering if where would my family go this Christmas vacation. Do you have any family vacation ideas? Well, I just want to spend the holidays with my cousins and relatives in Bohol that I haven't met for years. I really miss them and it would be great to see them and mingle with them this Holidays. Maybe that's the best thing to do this Christmas, but I know, with all the work here and there and with all the financial crisis, it would always be the lesser priority. I do hope that we will spend the Holidays with them.

For a child safe travel this holidays, you can visit for tips. God bless and keep the faith intact!

Nursing Students - Being A Good One!

“So let me get this straight, you can’t make it at tomorrow’s practice? And there’s a probability that you won’t be there during next Sunday’s show?”

“I’m sorry but I’m scheduled for duty and there’s nothing I can do about that.”

At that point I just rolled my eyes and walked away, while trying to convince myself with all the logical explanation there is in the world so I can overcome the annoyance that was threatening to control me. Fine! I can’t blame him. He’s a student nurse.

I can’t help but be amused by the way the student nurses are in schools these days. They are no longer just identified as the ones wearing the all-white uniform. They’re also the ones with the thickest pile of books and heaviest eye bags, which they get from meager hours of sleep as they balance their exams and hospital duties. They are the ones that are usually school-worn and often experiencing hypochondriac symptoms because of their many school works. In the University that I go to, Bachelor of Science in Nursing has the highest cut off score in the entrance exam so it follows that most of the top students would enroll at that particular course. They also dominate the top of the Dean’s list.

This is typical from a country that’s trying its best to produce the best nurses. Schools and universities had done their best to refine their programs in order to produce the best products because let’s face it, there is this steady overwhelming stream of B.S. Nursing graduates and competition is high. However, being successful in the Nursing Career is hardly based on what school you went to or how high your board exam grade is. Sure they count somehow, but they aren’t really the factor that will keep you going in the long run. What really count is 1) hard work and dedication to the field and 2) making wise decisions. Part of making wise decisions is knowing the best places to be a nurse. You have to know where to build your career. Also, keeping track of the latest trends in a nursing community would surely keep you up to date. Up-to-date information is always helpful. This way, all you’re hard work, will be worth it.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pictures - Capturing The Moment!

Good day guys! It's been a busy week and will be busier as the weekend comes closer. We will have our midterm examination on our CSC122 - Data Structures and is expected to be a very hard exam. Oh well, what can you expect from a very good instructor. Last Sunday was a very memorable one for me because it was my first time to sing a duet in front of a crowd. And now to help me remember that moment, I am looking for pictures and videos for the whole event.

I have a friend who do photo shoots and is very known for it. I want to be like him. I always dream of having my own camera to record all the events in my life and post it in my blog. It would be a good way to document my life because the emotions of an event can be stored in a picture. whenever you want to remember that event, you only need to look at the picture and you will be reminded of everything. The laughs, smiles and grief moments will all be there.In 42nd Street Photo News blog, they offer you help on everything about photography, cameras, camcorders, etc.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Choosing The Best Bed!

Good day guys! A friend of mine asked me if what do I prefer for a bed. A water bed? Air mattress/bed? Or a futon? Well, that is something to think about! Each type has its pros and cons when it comes to stuff like comfortableness and cost. Let's go through these pros and cons mainly in comfortableness.
  • Water bed - Water beds are comfortable since it distributes your weight and avoid pressure spots. It also resembles the feeling of floating in water. It also comes with a heater to make your sleeping experience comfy with warm water.
  • Air bed/mattress - Air beds come in different sizes including queen air mattress with pump. One of the advantages of air beds is that the level of firmness can be adjusted to suit your needs. It also adjusts to the contours of your body. You can choose from inflatable air beds or permanent air beds.
  • Futons - Futons are those type of bed that can be used as a sofa and as a bed. They mainly consist of wood or metal frame and a mattress for cover. It's main advantage that most people use is its space-saving versatility because you can just buy one to be used as a bed and at the same time as a sofa. But if you choose comfortableness over space, futons are not for you. Futons are cheap and is affordable compared to the other two.
Well, for me an air bed would be my choice because of it's comfortableness. I also like the feeling of sleeping on air rather than on water. But whatever bed type you choose, go for the comfort rather than the cost. Of course, you must consider your budget but choose a bed that is comfortable to sleep on.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Song Duet - Glory by Nichole Nordeman with Selah

Good day guys! At last! The day has come for my song duet! Hahaha...I am very tensed right now but very excited to sing in front of many people and in front of the Lord. This is a friendly competition so there is no need to be tense. We will sing Glory by Nichole Nordeman w/ Selah. Here is the video courtesy of Youtube.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Halloween Costumes For A Better Trick or Treat Experience!

Good day guys! How was your day so far? For me it was fine, the weather didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought, knowing that there's currently a typhoon that hit my country. During this time of the year, frequent typhoon visits are actually expected.

Well so much for the weather, and speaking of this time of the year, September just started and one of the awaited and fun-filled time of the year, the Halloween, is nearing!

Yes, it's already September which means that each day, we're getting closer to the Trick and Treat Season! Yay for that! And since Halloween is fast approaching, I'm sure everybody is excited for lots of fun in attending costume parties. Let's recall last year's Halloween parties. Did you win as the one with the best costume? Hmm... I never did. It's been a few years and I always dressed either as a vampire, a superhero, or a prince in some fairytale. So common right? I guess that's why I never won. So this year, I want to be an eye catcher. I want to dress up as the grim reaper. That would be a great choice and I think it will be really fun to scare people off with a good black robe, a skull mask, and of course the famous grim reaper scythe.

So are you now excited to plan about your halloween costumes for this coming Halloween? There are lots of costumes to choose from as I browsed through the galleries of I found just the right one for my grim reaper idea and I think I have bigger chances of bagging the best in costume award now. I’m sure you guys are going to like a lot of Halloween costumes there too. Beat others' costumes and dress up as a skeleton, or as a Power Ranger, or even as a witch or a princess. You can also get a free shipment fee on orders over $50 by using the code 'ppfree'. Hope you’ll find the perfect fit for your much anticipated Halloween to be perfect.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Supplements and Balanced Diet - Keys For A Healthy Living

Good day guys! I just finished doing my usual web surfing routine: from checking my mail, logging in at facebook playing restaurant city, country story and friends for sale, to watching videos, reading mangas, checking CSoUnderground and many more. I am currently hyped up after reading the new manga releases of Naruto and Bleach.

Anyways, recently I have been sleeping very late to cope up with many tedious academic requirements coming at me once. usually, I go to sleep at about 5 am in the morning and wakes up at about 9 am. I know that it is not good for a person to overwork his/her body but I really need to finish all of these requirements before new requirements come.

That's why food supplements and vitamins are very important for me. Ascorbic acids, Chlorella and those which help the body strengthen its immune system are very important for me. I need to these things so that I will not get sick easily. Also those supplements which help lower the body's risk of cancer are very important to avoid acquiring deadly cancers. And eating a healthy and balanced diet is a key to a healthy life.

God bless and keep the faith intact

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wireless Router - The Next Step For A Better Web Experience

Good day guys! I forgot to tell you that I just installed a wireless internet router, Encore 802.11g Wireles Router ENHWI-G2 to be exact. Why do I say that this is the next step for a better web experience?

Having a wireless internet connection is a good thing especially for users like me that have laptops. We don't need to connect annoying wires and we need not transfer places. I can just stay at one place and work. This router also comes with 4 LAN ports for those non-laptop or wired users. The most advantageous thing compared before is that I don't need to wait for the my brothers to finish their browsing before I can do mine. Whenever needed, I can just open my laptop, turn on the wireless receiver and then voila!

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

Dog Costumes - Elvis Presley Style

Good day guys! Do you have pets, specifically dogs? Aren't they cute and cuddly? Aside from that, they are the most loyal pet you can get nowadays. In better half they have these pet costumes for dogs.

If I will have a dog, which would be impossible because my mother has a phobia towards dogs, I would like it to wear the king of pop's, Elvis Presley, costume. And every time I will look at it, I would be inspired to play and sing songs and maybe compose some. I also think a dog wearing an Elvis Presley costume would be unique and funny.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Best Beds - For Your Sleeping Needs

Good day guys! It is morning here in our place and I am really sleepy. I am thinking about my bed right now and how it is so tempting to lie there and just sleep my day away. I can't imagine my day without my bed.

Anyways, there is this site that sells beds, all kinds of bed, for our sleeping needs. They have beds ranging from leather beds, wooden beds to French style beds and upholstered beds and many more. They also have these wide array of services which offer us, their customers, an easy and relaxing shopping experience with them like Free deliveries, 45% off and many more.

I personally like their Tuscany Ottoman Leather Storage Bed (see image above). It is very beautiful and comfortable-looking. I like the new Ottoman Storage lift up system which I think will add a more glamorous and sophisticated look to my bedroom. I think this Tuscany Ottoman Leather Storage bed will fit in very nicely in my bedroom.

Another bed that I am currently keeping an eye on out of their list of beds is the Toledo Black bed (see image above). It is a bed with black-bonded leather with a spacious look. It will fit in my bedroom because I like its black color which creates a formal but luxurious look. It is also versatile enough to fit in different bedroom settings.

God bless and keep the faith intact!