Saturday, June 20, 2009

Business Meeting!

Good day guys! Just came home from our business meeting for our upcoming business. We are planning to establish an IT solutions company in which we will cater web and graphics services like creating websites, making logos and banners for companies, multimedia effects, and more. Content and article writing will be also included in our field. But all of this is yet to be seen. All of us are very interested and motivated to start the company.

In our meeting, we brain stormed on our organizational structure as well as the people involved. We also had our short-term goal planning in which we will first create a website for our company for our future customers to visit and know more about us.

I like the development of this goal/dream of ours. I am very excited and I hope, with guidance from God, that this dream will never die and will hold strong for a long time and I know that with determination and hard work it will.

God bless all of us and do good in everything you do. Offer it all to God. Keep the faith intact!

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