Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get ready for Nose Bleed!

Good day everyone! How's your summer? Enjoyed every single bit of it? If not, then you should have because summer is over and school Yeah! Yeah! (- -,)

Fun's over and the harsh reality of going to school comes in. Well, it's not that bad to go to school really. It's just that, I am in my last year and you know what that means, right? NO? Well, that means that I have lots of major subjects right now including my everlasting thesis project. Majors are a lot worse than having A(H1N1)! Add the fact that I am studying in MSU-IIT, a prestigious school known for quality education here in the Philippines. You get to encounter grueling stuff here like all kinds of x's and y's, ln, big Oh's, and stuff I couldn't, or chose not to, remember. Everyday I gotta prepare myself for a major blood loss.

But thinking about it, I should be thankful that I have a chance to take up my chosen course. Better yet studying in a prestigious school where I got to enhance and really become a prepared individual, physically, mentally and emotionally, in the harsh and cruel world of employment or unemployment. Considering that some people cannot go to school because of many factors, including financial instability.

Well, we should treasure our studies because that's the only thing a person can rely on when applying for jobs and that one thing you can be proud of. We should be serious enough to finish our studies and to not just go to school unfocused no matter how grueling and harsh it would be. Study hard and of course ask for guidance and for the strength to face the problems and to not be tempted by vices and other stuff that would lead to your own destruction.

God bless us all! And have a blessed school year to all! Kudos! Keep your faith intact!

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