Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Good day guys! I just remembered that it is Father's day today. If not for a text message, I wouldn't have known that it is indeed Father's day. I just greeted my father a while ago and it is a good feeling to let him know that he is the best.

My father is one of my inspirations, to be as kind and as happy-go-lucky but responsible as him. My father cracks a lot of jokes and that made him the official clown in the house. Hehehe...Believe me, my father is very funny. And he usually lets lose of a joke whenever we, me and my siblings, are not aware or whenever we are very serious just to lighten us up. That's his way to let us know that he cares so much about us and loves us very much. My father is a natural born leader and is very good at handling people. And to top it all up, my father is really, really humble.

Well, we should not forget or stop telling our parents, not just our father or mother, that we cherish them and love them because they are the reason that you are alive. They care about you very much and would literally do anything just to make you happy! Maybe you do not understand their methods, but time will come that you will understand everything.

Again Happy Father's day to all fathers out there. God bless and keep the faith intact!

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