Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Been Busy!

Good day guys! I wasn't able to update my blog due to being busy on lot of things. First of all is my enrollment which lasted for two days. I also attended a weekend overnight activity of our diocese called the Diocesan Youth Sports fest which featured youth from all over our diocese playing with each other through sports; basketball, badminton and volleyball. It is a good way to inculcate sportsmanship and unity in our very harsh world today. We won 3 awards; 1st runner-up in badminton (men doubles and women doubles) and also 1st runner-up in basketball(men). It was a fun activity. We were fostered to some local residents in the area in which they provided us shelter to stay during the night. By the way it was held at Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. I was a member of the animators/entertainers/dancers during the event.(LOL)

Lastly, we are getting prepared for our PYC, Provincial Youth Conference. This is also a weekend overnight event which will be participated by youth all over our province. There will be different activities during the event which we will participate. There will be sports like badminton, basketball, etc. We will also participate in the larong lahi (local games) like tumbang preso, kadang kadang, etc. There will also be cultural events including set dance, acapella and video gag. I hope it would be a successful event in which all will have a great time together meeting new friends and showing their talents in the process. But one thing is for sure, the event will be offered to one audience only, to God.

Having a busy schedule is not that bad. You just have to manage your time and schedule things properly. And ofcourse, pray to God and ask for His guidance for only in Him we can do all of things properly. God bless to all of us!


Dorothy L said...

Tell me about busy.....If I had one would be more time to my days....but knowing me...I would probably fill that also.
It does keep us out of trouble :)

Have a very good day!

hp9200 said...

yeah...i wish to have more time...but that's the way life's too short...that's why it is important to do things you like...