Monday, June 15, 2009

How a Community can Help you!

Good day my dear readers! My busy weekend has finally ended with a blast! We had our Provincial Youth Conference and it was great and awesome to see people from different places in our province gather to praise and glorify God's name. I am so blessed to be in this community.

Being in a community is great! You get to share your life and learn from others too! Meeting new friends and having fun with them is a good thing. Being able to talk to different types of personalities and understanding those types and trying to help them. We need to be with other people because man cannot stand alone. That's why God created Eve so that Adam won't be lonely and will have a companion to talk to and share things with.

I remember during my elementary days when I was being bullied. It was like the worse thing in my life. Being alone and choosing to be one by rejecting people who wants to be my friend because I believed that I can reach my goals being alone. But this belief slowly turned out to be a lie as I was able to meet people, especially in the PYA (Parish Youth Apostolate) and YFC (Youth for Christ) communities. I slowly understood the importance of having friends and how they can help me in my struggles in life and how they can help me know God and His teachings.

For those who are in a christian community already, good for you and keep your faith intact and help your community grow. And for those who are not in a christian community yet, join one near you. I promise you that your life would be easier and would be more blessed having more friends that would help you grow in God's way.

I also found this site where you can connect with other Christians from around the world through their christian chat rooms. It has free registration and is user-friendly. You can search for my username, earlsombilon, and add it to your favorites.

God bless everyone! Choose your community wisely! Keep your faith intact! I love you guys!

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