Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Artworks!

Good day readers! When I was a lot younger, about 10 years old, I love doing artworks whether copying favorite anime characters or doing original drawings of my own created characters. Who wouldn't want to draw Son Gouku or Picollo? Hehe!!

As I grow older, My interest in doing art works slowly declined. That's because of a lot of things that as a growing young man need to do, like going to school, doing home works and projects, etc. All I do to satisfy my interest in art is looking at mangas and animes.

I also love paintings and canvas artworks. Those well-balanced colors, well-drawn lines, creativity and imagination surely takes my breath away. Every time I see artworks online or at art exhibits, I can't help but envy those artists because they have their dreams come true, that is to have an exhibit where they can show the world their own creations and make a mark on the art world, while mine is slowly deteriorating.

As I surf the net, I found this artist in the name of Sergey Smirov. I visited his site and looked at his artworks and was very impressed. He uses soft candle light tones and combined ancient styles and modern styles. His paintings are portraits of great men and women of Russian history.

To all artists, especially painters, I salute you all for pursuing your dreams and for showing the world what you can do. And to would be artists and painters, follow your dreams and ask God's guidance for everything that you do. Offer your talents to God.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

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