Friday, January 15, 2010

Workout Excitement!

Good day guys! Since the new year's celebration, I am on an eating tear. I just can't stop eating that I have gained considerable weight now, 75kg. That is, I think, overweight for my age, 22, and height, 5'6". That's why I a thinking of doing some workout to burn the excess fat and have a healthy living. Me and my friends enrolled at some local gym at a mere price of P 850.00; P 300.00 for the membership, P 350.00 monthly and P 200.00 for the instructor. We will start tomorrow. I am very excited to start this new program for me and I hope that with this, I can get back to my healthy body.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Monday, January 4, 2010

An Upgrade for our beloved City!

Good day guys! For those who didn't know, our city just recently witnessed the opening of our first Mall here in our place, Gaisano Mall. Before the mall, we just had bars and restros all around town to fulfill the peoples need. We had minimarts and shopping centers scattered around the city but having this mall gave out town plus points in the commercial side.

Maybe the next step is to have our very own arena to hold both small and large events like basketball games and concerts, even theatrical plays. Just like in Philadelphia where they can buy Wachovia Center Tickets, Jeff Dunham Tickets and Jersey Boys Tickets. We can then attract local and national artists to schedule a live performance for the people to watch. It would be great!

But for a city of this size, we still need a lot of years to accomplish this feat. What is important is to continue to support the city's events and projects so that we will have a prosperous city.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

Direct TV for a high fever!

Hello guys! I'm so busy during my Christmas vacation and this is the first day that I visited my blog again. Last saturday I was a bum. I have this high fever that reached 39 degrees Celsius which made me stay home and rest. Thank God I have Direct TV.

I've beeen subscribing Direct Tv in New York for a while as I watched all my favorate channels, movies and cartoons. I poped some corn, got some chips and dips and drowned myself in cola and "poof", the fever is no more! LOL! Now I can just feel my head aching, my fever is gone and tommorow's my first day of school. I wish I would be sick again so that I could watch my favorite channels again thanks to Directv, heheh.

Thanks for reading my blog! Happy new year! God bless you all and keep the faith intact!