Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jam anyone?

Are you a music lover?! Do you want to listen to music? Do you want to listen to music while playing? If yes, then i have a game just for you! There is this on-line game which i think is the best game for music lovers. This is inspired by the popular game Guitar Hero. The game doesn't just give you fun in playing the game, it soothes your soul with it's database of songs which are all good music. For those who want just to have fun, there are songs in which it's just easy and relaxing. But for those who like to get their hands all wet and eyes get sore, there are songs in which gives you not just fun but also a heart attack. There is the all-time Cannon Rock by Jerry C, Man of Faith by Solar Fragment, On the Rocks by son et lumiere, and others. If you like a certain genre, you can filter songs from a category by genre from Acoustic, Alternative and Blues to Hip-Hop, Folk, Jazz and Rock. You can also duel your friends to see who is the better musician. And for those who want to play with other players, there is the showdown in which it can include a maximum of twenty(20) players. All you need to have to play this game is a keyboard and of course an internet connection. Play now by clicking here. Enjoy jamming your hearts out! Peace Ya ALL?!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

4:45 a.m., April 04, 2009. I thought "Nah! They won't come. What were you thinking?! Nobody remembered." I turned of my PC to get ready to sleep. I said my prayers and went to close my eyes. Moments later, something woke me up. I heard someone singing out of tune. As i come to my senses, I realized "Stanlee?! Yes?! They remembered!"

My colleagues at church sang their hearts out and woke me up greeting me at my 22nd Birthday. This is a culture at our place to greet our colleagues celebrating their birthday early in the morning. This is called maƱanita. It is a very heart warming way to greet a special someone happy birthday! For a person like me, who values friends very much, it is a very nice way to know that they also value you too.

Happy Birthday to myself! And thank you to all those who got up early and made my day very happy! To Butch, Riza, Harold, Paul, Lablab, King2x, Ken, Stanlee, Vinjo, Kevin Carl, Carl, Macky, Mcdo, and Julie. To all who greeted me through SMS and personal greetings, I thank you! To my family who were always there all the way. Thank you for everything. And to God, thank you for letting me know these people. Thank YOU!!

Cavaliers lost again!

One of the most anticipated match-up of the day is between the1st seed and the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic with a blowout, 87-116. With back-to-back loses of the Cavs, the defending champions, Boston Celtics, which is currently in 2nd seed is only behind by 3 games to the Cavs. The Cavs were hold to 36.9 percent shooting while the Magics shot the lights out with 53.7 percent. Lebron James leads the Cavs with 26 points, 5 assists and 9 rebounds but were just 7 out of 20 from the field. Only 3 Cavalier players has double digit points. The MAgics were lead by their All-Star center in the name of Dwight Howard with 20 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks. The Magics has 7 players with double digit points.

Do i Mind?

Hmmm...just a thought...

Am i happy now? Do these things make me happy? Is passing all my subjects satisfying? Is having an inspiration inspiring? Is having a lot of money great? Is having many friends make you feel popular?

Let us stop and think a bit of what we have right now. Is there something missing in my life right now? Hmmm...I guess with all these problems, projects here and there, playing hide and seek with our professors, there is something I forgot. I forgot to pray. I forgot to ask for His guidance in all this hardships. I forgot to give Him thanks for all He has done for me.

Thank you Lord for giving me all these blessings and challenges. I ask for forgiveness Lord for forgetting to pray and give thanks to You. Guide me Lord and use me. Make me a vessel of Your love and kindness. Use me Oh Lord! Give me strength to continue living this life. Guard me from all evil and danger that surrounds me. I love you Lord!

Let us not forget to thank Him for everything He has done for us. Let us take time to talk to Him and to praise and give Him thanks. God bless to all of us!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wizards beat Cavaliers!

Cleveland Cavaliers holds the NBA's best record, at 61-13 this season, and sport a 13-game winning streak. Going into the game versus the weary Washington Wizards would be another sure fire win for the cruising Cavaliers as the Wizards holds the NBA's worst record at 18-59. But it is not the case as the Wizards hold off the Cavs for a 109-101 win. Lebron James leads the Cavaliers with 31 points, 6 assists and 9 rebounds as the Cavaliers ended its franchise-record winning streak at 13. The Wizards were lead by Caron Butler with 25 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds. This is the 2nd time the Cavs fell to the Wizards. HAHA! The team with the best record is beaten by the team weith the worst record! Go Boston!

MSU placed 2nd

Congratulations to the Bar passers and the new lawyers of our country. It must be a very good feeling having to pass an examination. To see your name on that big LCD. It should make anyone proud of his self. Seeing your name there makes you forget all the hardships you have faced. Making your family proud and to have a proof that you are a certified lawyer.

Well, out of the 6,364 law graduates who took the exam, only 1,310 passed. This represents only 20.58 percent of the total examinees who finished the four-Sunday examinations last September of 2008. SSC topped the exam and MSU took the 2nd place. and Judy Lardizabal from San Sebastian College topped the exam with an average score of 85.70 percent followed by our very own Mylene Amerol Macumbal from Mindanao State University who garnered a score of 85.65 percent. The rest of the top 10 are the following:

3. Oliver Baclay Jr. Ateneo de Manila University – 85.60

4. Majesty Eve Jala, Ateneo de Manila University – 85.55

5. Maria Elizabeth Liceralde, UP Diliman – 85.40

6. Michael Macapagal, UP Diliman – 84.15

7. Denise Dy, Ateneo de Manila University – 84
April Love Regis, Ateneo de Manila University – 84

8. Christine Joy Tan, Ateneo de Manila University– 83.80

9. Jihan Jacob, San Beda College – 83.75

10. Vanessa Raymundo, San Beda College– 83.70

To pass the Bar Exam is very hard let alone be in the top 10. So, congratulations to the top 10 and to the new lawyers of our nation. We salute you and we hope that you can and will be better lawyers of our country.