Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

4:45 a.m., April 04, 2009. I thought "Nah! They won't come. What were you thinking?! Nobody remembered." I turned of my PC to get ready to sleep. I said my prayers and went to close my eyes. Moments later, something woke me up. I heard someone singing out of tune. As i come to my senses, I realized "Stanlee?! Yes?! They remembered!"

My colleagues at church sang their hearts out and woke me up greeting me at my 22nd Birthday. This is a culture at our place to greet our colleagues celebrating their birthday early in the morning. This is called maƱanita. It is a very heart warming way to greet a special someone happy birthday! For a person like me, who values friends very much, it is a very nice way to know that they also value you too.

Happy Birthday to myself! And thank you to all those who got up early and made my day very happy! To Butch, Riza, Harold, Paul, Lablab, King2x, Ken, Stanlee, Vinjo, Kevin Carl, Carl, Macky, Mcdo, and Julie. To all who greeted me through SMS and personal greetings, I thank you! To my family who were always there all the way. Thank you for everything. And to God, thank you for letting me know these people. Thank YOU!!

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leslie_pogs said...

hmmm...wew! ko sa gibuhat sa imu friends..ahehe....happy 22nd bday lo!....may God Always Bless you, your studies and your family..Take Care....