Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Hard Start!

Good day guys! Just finished eating and very tired from a hard days work. Well, our place here is on a brownout the whole day, so we had no classes. It is good so that I can focus on other areas on our lives aside from academics.

As you all know, we are starting a business. We have gathered some members and are currently about 16 members all in all. These members were assigned positions according to their abilities and their forte, as well as to their liking, to avoid the tendency to work less because they are being forced on their job. We are the current BOD, Board of Directors, and are striving hard to establish our company.

We are currently working on our website so that you, our customers, will see and know who we are and what are our abilities and our works. We are currently working on the design of our website and we, the programmers including me, are waiting for the design so that we may start on the functionality that needed to be worked on. The website would serve as our portfolio.

Starting a small business is very hard, not just on handling and raising money but as well as on managing and keeping the motivation of the members. But as I can see in our group, we are very determined to really start our own business and to fulfill our dreams of managing our own IT Solutions Company. It is a lot of work, but in the end, if everything turns out the way it is envisioned, it would be worth the work.

Good luck on us all! God bless and keep the faith intact!

Wedding Transportation - Preparation for the future!

Good day guys! I have been thinking. Now that I am 22 yrs old (yes! yes! I am old!), I should be thinking of my near feature. At 28, I should be married to a loving wife and have lots of children.

I haven't attended a wedding ceremony yet so I don't know the details but I have seen weddings through movies and recorded videos. The preparation is very stressful, thinking about things from designs of the wedding cake to the booking and decoration of the church. Of course, my wedding should be in church so that I may face God in his house and offer my promises to love and cherish my wife for the rest of my life. Well, that would also depend on our financial standing at that time but as much as possible it should be a church wedding.

And of course, one of the most important thing for me, the car to be used to transport my lovely wife to the church. The car needs not be a very luxurious looking car or those with gold plates around it. A nice looking car would be great, or what would be much better, if my financial capacity allows me to, is a limousine. Who wouldn't want to see a limousine carry the most precious woman of your life?

Well, that would be a dream come true for me. But for people in Chicago, Illinois, there is a way for your dream of having a limousine carry your lovely wife to church. Chicago Limo offers you transportation services for your transportation needs whether airport transfers, proms and formals, anniversaries, night outs, bachelor/ette parties, birthdays and weddings! They provide chauffeured transportation for your needs.

Preparing and planning for your future is the best thing to do, whether it is for long-term or short-term goals. A good and well prepared plan is guaranteed success. God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Leaving Them to Die!

Good day guys! I just woke up. It's still raining and it sure is very tempting to go back to sleep but I got lots of things to do. I got to finish some assignment for my Concepts of Operating System class. Damn, I want to go back to sleep but it's okay!

It's okay to wake up when you need to do something! But what's not okay is to wake up from a deep sleep and realizing that what woke you up are bed bugs. Yes! Those little insects that lives in your bed and feeds on you every time they are hungry.

One thing I did was to buy those sealed mattresses. This mattress cover bed bugs and seals them inside the bed and does not allow them to get food. These bed bugs will eventually die off. The process will be long but is effective in eradicating those pesky little insects.

God bless guys and keep the faith intact!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Water Issues!

Good day readers! It is raining again here! Sometimes I like the rain because it speaks a lonely and troubled heart. Sigh! The rain carries so much emotion. I can just simply listen to the rain drops on my rooftop and be consumed by its music. For me, rain symbolizes my problems. And I know this rain will eventually stop and there will be light to my heart. So emotional! Sigh! Enough with the emo part!

Guys! Do you have water problems? Having a leak in your water pipes? How about your sinks? Are those sink pipes causing your kitchen to be flooded? I know how these are annoying and I got some tips on fixing these problems.

For minor water pipe leakages, you can always use water sealants to temporary close the leaks. This will also hold true for drainage leaks and pipe sink leaks. But for major leakages, you must call for a plumber.

How to choose for the right plumber? Choosing the right plumber is critical in solving your leakage problems. You can always go for your neighbor to help you fix the problem but instead of fixing the problem, it can sometimes add to the problem. So better go for the experienced ones and fix the problems once and for all! You can ask for experienced plumbers through your friends and by searching the net through google. People in Nashville, Tennessee, you can find the best Nashville Plumber by visiting Dixon's plumbing site. You can request for a phone call there and they will immediately contact you. They offer quality service for a reasonable price.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Coincidence or Truth!

Good day guys! Who has a facebook account? Have you taken quizzes?

Well, I took the quiz titled "the first letter of the person who loves you" and I got N!! I was so excited, because I have this special friend that I really love and her name starts with it. But I said to myself, "what the heck?! It's just a quiz!" But deep inside I liked the result and I took a second try on the quiz with a slightly different answer pattern. And you know what?! I still got an N for an answer. That's the first part!

Days after, just a while ago, I took the "first letter of the person you love the most" quiz. Guess what the result is?! Right!! I got an N! That's when I asked myself if it is a sign for me to pursue the girl! I believe in signs although not all signs! But the other side of me is thinking that it is just a coincidence and doesn't mean a thing!

Here is the scenario! We've known each other since I was 14 yrs old and she was 11. But we got close just 1 year ago during our Church services. And my feelings were about 5 months old! (I am feeling a bit depressed now talking about this!) The fear of destroying our friendship kept me from courting her. But just as I was ready and prepared to court her, a disappointing news (for me but good news for her!) came which left me regretting! She had a boyfriend just 1 month before that day. My whole world was and is still in ruins and I got so down. There was nothing I could do but to congratulate her. Until now, my feelings still lingers on!

I have these questions on my mind and I want you, my dear friends, to help me answer these questions!
  • I feel the need to tell her. Should I?
  • If I won't tell her, would it be painful in my part to continue to be with her as a friend?
  • Should I move on with my life and take a distance from her?
Thank you for helping me decide. Actually I have a decision at this point, but your advice would be of great help to me.

God bless us all guys and keep the faith intact!

Best Furniture I have seen - No Joke!

Good day readers! Having good furniture in your house is important. Aside from adding comfort to the household, it adds beauty to your home. At our house, we got just the right furniture for our needs, not extravagant and not lowly. Almost all furniture in our house is made up of wood and it is a good thing because wood natural to the eyes and is inexpensive.

I found a website that offers Furniture, Storage beds, Home Office Furniture and a lot more. You can choose from a large array of inexpensive furniture that suits your needs and wants. Aside from their good furniture, they offer you tips on choosing the best furniture for you and your family. I especially like their Entertainment Centers. Actually, I like all of their furniture because of the fact that it is made of wood and the design is very carefully made to join beauty and convenience as well as quality.

God bless guys and keep the faith intact!

Leg Avenue Costumes - For Our Fantasies!

*Warning: Links may include pictures that may tickle your fantasies but no porn!*

Good day guys! As a kid, I was always imagining things. Imagining myself to be my favorite superhero or anime character. Sometimes, we do imitations of superman and batman with our ever useful blankets turned into capes of awesomeness (there is no such word! LOL). Masquerading as knights that will save all those who are wronged.

As a young adult, I must say that these childhood fantasies of mine is not completely gone and is replaced by new characters like Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchia Sasuke from Naruto and spiderman. That's why I was so amazed when I found this site, Leg Avenue, where they offer you costumes like Spiderman, Wolverine, Capt. Jack Sparrow and many more.

It is not too late to fulfill your fantasies! God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annoying Little Scums!

Good day guys! Do you have pets? Cats or dogs? Do you like hugging them and playing with them? Do you sleep with them then afterward are experiencing a lot of itchiness and pain? Do you find your scalp itchy and sometimes bleeding?

I have pets at home, 3 adult cats and 5 kittens, and I like cuddling and carrying them. They are so cute and I like when they rub their body at my leg. Just watching them takes a lot of frustrations in my life.

But there is one thing I don't like about having pets, and that is fleas. Those annoying small insects which lives on the fur of my pet cats. And sometimes when they rub their fur on my leg, they transfer fleas to me and afterward I feel itchy all over.

I guess all I need is to bath my pets and give them medicines to stop these annoying pests from contaminating my pets and our hose. They also bite humans as well as long as they get blood. If you don't know what flea bites look like, I found flea bite photos on the web to help you determine if you have fleas on your home.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!


Good day guys! Mind Thought is now officially page rank 3! These would not be possible without your continued support on reading my blog posts! Continue to read my posts and tell your friends about Mind Thought! Also visit my other blog, Lyrics and Chords - Music for HIM. I promise to post more interesting topics. ( ", )

God bless to us all and keep the faith intact!

Keeping a Car Damage Free!

Good day readers from LA, California! When we were walking from work, my friends and I noticed a very beautiful car and instantly envied the owner. Who wouldn't? The car was shiny and looks brand new. It got style and is compact. But something came into our minds. Cars, no matter how shiny or beautiful or cool it looks, when it is bumped or when it is involved in an accident, the car would look pathetic and the beauty goes out of the window and into the canal. LOL!

As a car owner, you wouldn't want to be involved in some kind of accident with your car. A minor scratch or bump marks may be ignored but when the front bumper is torn away or the hood gets beaten up, then that is a different issue. Aside from the car being less attractive and the cost of repair is high, your car may be unsafe to drive.

Los Angeles Auto Body service offer you a full repair of your auto body problems from minor paint scratches to extensive damages like destroyed chassis. They make detailed and exact estimate of costs depending on your car's damage inside out taking into consideration the availability of the parts depending on your car's model and how old it is. Making your car rust free and looking great again is an option. Customer satisfaction is their topmost priority.

For those readers from LA, California, I urge you to visit their site by clicking Los Angeles Auto Body and contact them if you need help.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Web Hosting Awards!

Good day guys! Are you planning to create a site? To upload a site about your work? Blogs? Or about your business? How much is your budget? Are you having trouble finding a web hosting provider that is suitable to your current need and capacity? Worry no more because I have the best solution for your need.

Web Hosting Geeks has just the right solution for you! They rate and give awards to the best web hosting providers available in the net today. The web hosting awards include the best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best forum hosting, best Unix hosting, and more. Awards are given to the best web hosting in their respective field so that people like you and me will have an easy time on finding the right web host for our needs. Reviews are also included on their site so that we will know what were the feedback of people using that certain web hosting provider.

Aside from providing web hosting awards, they also have articles on what are the best practices on choosing web hosting services. They also provide up-to-date web hosting news and SEO/SEM considerations on web hosting. Giving knowledge to their customers on what they should do on picking the right web hosting service is their topmost priority.

So if you are looking for a web hosting service, don't hesitate and visit their site web hosting awards and see what they say about your needs.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Single Parents

Good day readers! Just finished eating and I am really full. I have a great family which enjoys cracking jokes with one another. Being together, all eight of us, doing what most family do, enjoying and loving each other. We are not rich, also not poor, and we don't own a big house, just enough for us, but still, we are not complaining and are satisfied with this kind of life.

Families play a very important role, actually the most important role, in our lives. A person first develops and strengthens his values and attitude as well as all of his perception of things around him within the confines of his home, with his family. They are always there to support you in whatever you do and to catch you when everyone around you is fated to leave you.

Being in a family with single parents is not an exception. Having only a father or mother in a family can be confusing or can be difficult for the child, but it is much difficult for the single parent. Being a single parent, I believe, is a very difficult task because you don't just have to support the family financially but also do the job of both a father and a mother to a child.

To be a single parent is not easy and sometimes needs guidance from other single parents to handle successfully the family. You can ask for single parents around your area or find single parent chat rooms for online help on things that bothers you.

To all the single parents out there, i salute you. God bless to you all and don't forget to ask for God's guidance in everything you do. Let His will be done!

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Good Artworks!

Good day readers! When I was a lot younger, about 10 years old, I love doing artworks whether copying favorite anime characters or doing original drawings of my own created characters. Who wouldn't want to draw Son Gouku or Picollo? Hehe!!

As I grow older, My interest in doing art works slowly declined. That's because of a lot of things that as a growing young man need to do, like going to school, doing home works and projects, etc. All I do to satisfy my interest in art is looking at mangas and animes.

I also love paintings and canvas artworks. Those well-balanced colors, well-drawn lines, creativity and imagination surely takes my breath away. Every time I see artworks online or at art exhibits, I can't help but envy those artists because they have their dreams come true, that is to have an exhibit where they can show the world their own creations and make a mark on the art world, while mine is slowly deteriorating.

As I surf the net, I found this artist in the name of Sergey Smirov. I visited his site and looked at his artworks and was very impressed. He uses soft candle light tones and combined ancient styles and modern styles. His paintings are portraits of great men and women of Russian history.

To all artists, especially painters, I salute you all for pursuing your dreams and for showing the world what you can do. And to would be artists and painters, follow your dreams and ask God's guidance for everything that you do. Offer your talents to God.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1st A(H1N1) death in the RP!

Good day guys! A(H1N1) is the most celebrated event or, I must say, the most troubling event in our times. It has affected millions of lives worldwide and is now in the Philippines with about 445 cases. But the good news is that 374 have fully recovered.

As I opened do my daily routine in the net reading news both local and foreign, I found one news that quickly caught my attention. The title of the article is "1st flu death reported in RP." It caught my attention not only because of the word death but also of the three words: 1st, death and RP.

The first death from influenza A(H1N1) is of a 49-year-old mother. She has so many sickness and the swine flu was not the cause of death but “congestive heart failure secondary to acute myocardial infarction aggravated by severe pneumonia – either bacterial, viral or both.” The patient also has tuberculosis, enlarged liver, kidney and spleen, tumor in the uterus and tyromegaly or goiter.[1]

The patient went home from work with cold, fever and chills. And on June 19, she wasn't able to take her breakfast and died even before the doctor came to their house.

This is a wake up call for us to take care of ourselves more and strengthen our immune system. Most importantly, we should ask for God's guidance and protection to shield us from this new virus. God bless to us all and keep the faith intact.

Pest me no more!

Good day readers from Dallas, Texas! Are you having pest problems? Do you have those annoying uninvited guests roaming around your house? Afraid of those large, hairy, 1-foot creature who likes cheese? Or what about those smelly, annoying, flying, brown insect? Do you want them all dead now? Worry no more, I got the most lethal and effective way of getting rid of those pests.

Dallas Pest Control got the right stuff for you. They got the arsenal of equipments and ways to extinguish those annoying pests completely from your home. Freeing your home from pests, as well as avoiding infestations, are their topmost priority.

Victory Pest Control understands your needs and satisfies them by giving complete and up-to-date solutions as well as housekeeping and sanitation recommendations. They offer a unique SOS program: Solutions, Options and Services that will satisfy your demands without flaw.

They have the most advance technology and training available. Victory has a satisfactory record with the BBB. They specialize in Residential Services,Commercial Services, Termite Control Methods and Nuisance Wildlife Removal.

So if you have any problems regarding pests, just visit their site by clicking Dallas Pest Control
and let them do their job.

God bless everyone and keep the faith intact!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Property Management in good hands!

Good day guys! Readers from Cincinnati, Columbus Ohio! Do you own a property like single-family homes, apartments, dormitories, subdivisions and the likes? Are you tired of committing mistakes on accounting your finances, managing and inspecting your property? Do you need a break but could not take one because you need to continue to manage? Or are you paying for those incompetent managing companies and for those annoying leasing fees? Need not worry anymore! Real Property Management offers all of these and a lot more. They can be trusted and are credible in managing your properties successfully without those leasing fees. In fact, they received the "Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention" award and is featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinnati and Columbus. They are currently managing 20,000 units nationwide. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), commonly known as Freddie Mac, Signed an exclusive agreement with Real Property Management to manage the new REO Rental Initiative. And to ensure that your property is in good hands, RPM Midwest joins the National Association of Residential Property Managers. Contact them now and save hundreds of dollars yet get a better service than ever.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

Cool, Fruitty and Flowery!

Talk Perfume? Hmmm...Smelling good is as important as brushing your teeth. Even if you are very well groomed with matching tuxedo or jacket and new shoes, when you have a bad odor, all of the good things you wear will be ignored and your odor will be your label for the rest of the day even weeks. Well, for me, I like those perfumes with light scents. Those that are not strong, just mild, and those which doesn't sting your nose. Cool fragrances, fruit fragrances and flower fragrances are my choices since they just smell like nature and not artificial. Well, I am a nature lover who loves the smell of fruits and flowers. Hehehe...

Whatever scent you choose, for as long as you like it then go for it. God bless guys and keep your faith intact!

Happy Father's Day

Good day guys! I just remembered that it is Father's day today. If not for a text message, I wouldn't have known that it is indeed Father's day. I just greeted my father a while ago and it is a good feeling to let him know that he is the best.

My father is one of my inspirations, to be as kind and as happy-go-lucky but responsible as him. My father cracks a lot of jokes and that made him the official clown in the house. Hehehe...Believe me, my father is very funny. And he usually lets lose of a joke whenever we, me and my siblings, are not aware or whenever we are very serious just to lighten us up. That's his way to let us know that he cares so much about us and loves us very much. My father is a natural born leader and is very good at handling people. And to top it all up, my father is really, really humble.

Well, we should not forget or stop telling our parents, not just our father or mother, that we cherish them and love them because they are the reason that you are alive. They care about you very much and would literally do anything just to make you happy! Maybe you do not understand their methods, but time will come that you will understand everything.

Again Happy Father's day to all fathers out there. God bless and keep the faith intact!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Business Meeting!

Good day guys! Just came home from our business meeting for our upcoming business. We are planning to establish an IT solutions company in which we will cater web and graphics services like creating websites, making logos and banners for companies, multimedia effects, and more. Content and article writing will be also included in our field. But all of this is yet to be seen. All of us are very interested and motivated to start the company.

In our meeting, we brain stormed on our organizational structure as well as the people involved. We also had our short-term goal planning in which we will first create a website for our company for our future customers to visit and know more about us.

I like the development of this goal/dream of ours. I am very excited and I hope, with guidance from God, that this dream will never die and will hold strong for a long time and I know that with determination and hard work it will.

God bless all of us and do good in everything you do. Offer it all to God. Keep the faith intact!

9-balls anyone?!

Good day guys! Are you a game lover? What do you play? Do you prefer playing alone or playing with your friends?

Gaming is a part of my life. Whether computer games, sports and native games like "luksong tinik" or "bato lata". My day is not complete without a good game. Sometimes I settle for a simple rock and scissors game just to satisfy myself. Hehehe...

As I surf the net, I found this site where you can play multiplayer games,8c1.net.http://www.8c1.net. It let's you play online billiards with friends from other countries. You can connect there in an instant. All you need to do is to register and login. No need to confirm you email and is absolutely free. You will surely enjoy the experience of owning your friends and letting them know who is the boss!

Enjoy and God bless! Keep the faith intact!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reformatting my PC!!

Good day guys! Whew! After almost 5 hrs of reformatting my pc, at last I am done. Well, it took so long because I forgot to backup my drivers and as a result my Network Interface Card isn't working because it lacks the proper driver software to make it work. To make matters worse, I couldn't remember what the model number of my card is. I was about to give up and call a technician when I remembered that a network interface card has a sticker on the card itself indicating the model number and the brand. Hehehe...After I got the model number, everything went smoothly since my sister got a laptop and it allowed me to download the necessary driver for my card.

One thing I learned from this ordeal is to not just backup files but also to backup drivers and to make sure that everything that I will need is ready. Well, another problem solved! Hehehe!!

God bless to all and keep your faith intact!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amazing kid!

I found this video of a kid playing More than Words. I really like the way he played. He has so much talent given to him and of course the passion to play. Well, I play the guitar but not nearly half as good as him. His name is Sungha Jung. I would like to share this video to inspire you to do good in whatever you like to do. Talent is only a small thing, but what matters most is your passion for it and hard work and the most important thing of all is that you offer all the things you do to God.

God bless guys and be inspired! Keep your faith intact!

Lyrics and Chords!

Good day! Do you like listening to music? Are you a christian? If you are then I got something for you!

I am starting a new blogsite where it contains lyrics and chords to christian and gospel songs. It includes a playlist where you can listen to the song that you wanted. Since I want to make this new blog interactive, I included a chatbox where you can drop a message if you want to know the lyrics and chords of your favorite song. The site is only limited to christian and gospel songs. The site is named Lyrics and Chords - Music for HIM.

I will put a link in the side bar for Lyrics and Chords so that you can easily visit the site. God bless guys and keep the faith intact! Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Song - Heart of Worship

Good day readers! I am here again to share another favorite song of mine. It is entitled Heart of Worship by Hillsong. I like this song because it teaches us that the heart of every worship is not the song or the way you sing the songs or how you pray but the heart of every worship is God itself and nothing more. Even though the music fades away and everything is gone, for as long as we are praising Him and only Him, it is enough for Him. That what He is looking at is our heart.

Heart of Worship

Verse I :

D5 D/C#
When the music fades
And all is striped away
And I simply come
D D/C#
Longing just to bring
Something that's of worth
That would bless your heart


Em Bm Asus
I'll bring You more than a song
A Em
For a song in it itself
Bm Asus-A
Is not what You have required
Em Bm Asus
You search much deeper within
A Em
To the way things appear
D/F# Asus-A
You’re looking into my heart


D D/C#
I’m coming back to heart of worship
Em D/F#
It’s all about you
G Asus-A D
It’s all about you, Jesus
I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it
Em D/F#
When it’s all about you
G Asus-A D
All about you Jesus

Fill: D – D/C# - Em - Asus - A

Verse II :

D D/C#
King of endless worth
No one could express
How much you deserve
D D/C#
Though I’m weak and poor
All I have is yours
Every single breath


Em Bm Asus
I'll bring You more than a song
A Em
For a song in it itself
Bm Asus-A
Is not what You have required
Em Bm Asus
You search much deeper within
A Em
To the way things appear
D/F# Asus-A
You’re looking into my heart


D D/C#
I’m coming back to heart of worship
Em D/F#
It’s all about you
G Asus-A D
It’s all about you, Jesus
I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it
Em D/F#
When it’s all about you
G Asus-A D
All about you Jesus

Whenever we worship God, we should give our all. Even if our voice would be gone, or our arms and legs would be very tired, we should give Him our all. But the most important thing of all is the heart of our every worship. It should be God alone.

God bless us all! Keep your faith intact! I love you guys!

How a Community can Help you!

Good day my dear readers! My busy weekend has finally ended with a blast! We had our Provincial Youth Conference and it was great and awesome to see people from different places in our province gather to praise and glorify God's name. I am so blessed to be in this community.

Being in a community is great! You get to share your life and learn from others too! Meeting new friends and having fun with them is a good thing. Being able to talk to different types of personalities and understanding those types and trying to help them. We need to be with other people because man cannot stand alone. That's why God created Eve so that Adam won't be lonely and will have a companion to talk to and share things with.

I remember during my elementary days when I was being bullied. It was like the worse thing in my life. Being alone and choosing to be one by rejecting people who wants to be my friend because I believed that I can reach my goals being alone. But this belief slowly turned out to be a lie as I was able to meet people, especially in the PYA (Parish Youth Apostolate) and YFC (Youth for Christ) communities. I slowly understood the importance of having friends and how they can help me in my struggles in life and how they can help me know God and His teachings.

For those who are in a christian community already, good for you and keep your faith intact and help your community grow. And for those who are not in a christian community yet, join one near you. I promise you that your life would be easier and would be more blessed having more friends that would help you grow in God's way.

I also found this site where you can connect with other Christians from around the world through their christian chat rooms. It has free registration and is user-friendly. You can search for my username, earlsombilon, and add it to your favorites.

God bless everyone! Choose your community wisely! Keep your faith intact! I love you guys!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Having Trouble on Rates?!

Good day readers! As I surf through the net, I have stumbled on few things that might not affect us instantly but will affect us in the near future. Have you ever tried finding the best deals in town. Finding the best mortgage rates, money market rates, bank cd rates, etc. Well, you can always go through every bank in the state just to compare their rates and their offers. But wait, worry no more, I have found a site on finding the best bank cd rates. You can always go here to see the best available rates that suit your need.

God bless to everyone and have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Been Busy!

Good day guys! I wasn't able to update my blog due to being busy on lot of things. First of all is my enrollment which lasted for two days. I also attended a weekend overnight activity of our diocese called the Diocesan Youth Sports fest which featured youth from all over our diocese playing with each other through sports; basketball, badminton and volleyball. It is a good way to inculcate sportsmanship and unity in our very harsh world today. We won 3 awards; 1st runner-up in badminton (men doubles and women doubles) and also 1st runner-up in basketball(men). It was a fun activity. We were fostered to some local residents in the area in which they provided us shelter to stay during the night. By the way it was held at Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. I was a member of the animators/entertainers/dancers during the event.(LOL)

Lastly, we are getting prepared for our PYC, Provincial Youth Conference. This is also a weekend overnight event which will be participated by youth all over our province. There will be different activities during the event which we will participate. There will be sports like badminton, basketball, etc. We will also participate in the larong lahi (local games) like tumbang preso, kadang kadang, etc. There will also be cultural events including set dance, acapella and video gag. I hope it would be a successful event in which all will have a great time together meeting new friends and showing their talents in the process. But one thing is for sure, the event will be offered to one audience only, to God.

Having a busy schedule is not that bad. You just have to manage your time and schedule things properly. And ofcourse, pray to God and ask for His guidance for only in Him we can do all of things properly. God bless to all of us!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Song - Who am I?

Good day everyone! I would just like to share one of my favorite songs. The title is Who Am I by Casting Crowns. I like this song because it tells us that we are not alone in all our struggles and successes. That He is always there for us. And that we are His. Whatever we do, or not do, we are still His son/daughter and He will always be helping us.

I promise you that you would really like the song. The lyrics is very meaningful. I included the chords for those who know how to play the guitar.

Who Am I?
Casting Crowns

Intro: G C Em D (2x)
G D Em
Who am I? That the Lord of all the earth,
Would care to know my name, would care to feel my hurt,
G D Em
Who am I? That the bright and morning star,
Would choose to light the way, for my ever wondering heart,
Em D C D
Not because of who I am, but because of what You've done,
Em D C D
Not because of what I've done, but because of who You are


G D Em D C
I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind
D Em D C
Still You hear me when I'm calling, Lord, You catch me when I'm falling,
And you've told me who I am, I am Yours.

G C Em D

Who am I? That the eyes that see my sin,
Would look on me with love, and watch me rise again
Who am i? That the voice that calmed the sea,
Would call out through the rain, and calm the storm in me
Not because of who I am, but because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done, but because of who You are


God bless us all and always remember that all of this things are not our will but His. Keep your faith intact guys! Happy listening and playing! Love you guys!

Get ready for Nose Bleed!

Good day everyone! How's your summer? Enjoyed every single bit of it? If not, then you should have because summer is over and school is...well...in. Yeah! Yeah! (- -,)

Fun's over and the harsh reality of going to school comes in. Well, it's not that bad to go to school really. It's just that, I am in my last year and you know what that means, right? NO? Well, that means that I have lots of major subjects right now including my everlasting thesis project. Majors are a lot worse than having A(H1N1)! Add the fact that I am studying in MSU-IIT, a prestigious school known for quality education here in the Philippines. You get to encounter grueling stuff here like all kinds of x's and y's, ln, big Oh's, and stuff I couldn't, or chose not to, remember. Everyday I gotta prepare myself for a major blood loss.

But thinking about it, I should be thankful that I have a chance to take up my chosen course. Better yet studying in a prestigious school where I got to enhance and really become a prepared individual, physically, mentally and emotionally, in the harsh and cruel world of employment or unemployment. Considering that some people cannot go to school because of many factors, including financial instability.

Well, we should treasure our studies because that's the only thing a person can rely on when applying for jobs and that one thing you can be proud of. We should be serious enough to finish our studies and to not just go to school unfocused no matter how grueling and harsh it would be. Study hard and of course ask for guidance and for the strength to face the problems and to not be tempted by vices and other stuff that would lead to your own destruction.

God bless us all! And have a blessed school year to all! Kudos! Keep your faith intact!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Open Forum - Reconciliation!

Good day my friends! Thank God another day has passed by! Have you ever been in a situation where you have a misunderstanding with someone. Having a conflict with someone whom you treasure? Do you find it difficult to tell your friend how you feel? Are you afraid that your friendship might be broken if you tell him/her?

In a group, conflicts are inevitable and is a common occurence. Conflict may result from a disagreement, difference of beliefs, values and the likes. Most of the times, conflict arise from misunderstandings; where one person's action maybe perceived differently from what was really being meant. Technology also plays a role in some conflicts where text messages, emails, chat messages, etc. is usually misunderstood because it contains less of the sender's feelings or the actual meaning of the message. That would be a misunderstanding!

Well, there is one thing you can do to resolve such conflicts. And that is to confront the person/s and tell them your side. That is the best way to resolve a conflict. But sometimes, one's pride hinders the process and may lead to further damage.

That's what happened to some of our friends in our YFC family. We had a little problem within in which mistakes were made, words were said, emotions flared and some feelings were hurt. But that is the beauty of this YFC family. Whenever we have problems regarding hidden and sometimes less hidden feelings, we tend to patch things up through open forums where all people involved in the conflict are gathered and are given a chance to open up and be heard. Aside from the people involved, there are also other people which serve as mediators in the reconciliation process.

This is a good way to resolve conflict especially if the people involved are too prideful or are having a difficult time to resolve the conflict themselves.

That's why I love this family because whenever someone, or in this case many poeple are down or having problems, we are more than willing to help them solve the problems and help them get back to their feet. That's how we love each other. I would be forever blessed to have these people around me.

God bless to all. Continue to inspire more people and keep your faith intact. Love you guys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Message - Remembrance!

Good day my wonderful friends! This picture is a scanned image of the outcome of our last activity of the recent weekend recollection I attended last weekend.

We were asked to draw an image of ourselves. After we have drawn ourselves, we made a circle and we passed our drawn image around the circle and sign each image that we get. This serves as a remembrance of our recollection. And this is important for me, as well as anybody else, because it would be a good remembrance that there are many people that treasure you. And also to be able to read what they think and what are their messages to you is a good tool to measure and to see what other people perceive you. I was personally touched by the messages. Of course, there are messages that are not that well thought of but there are messages that you can consider as heartily written. It is really touching to read these messages. And also, I would like to boast my drawing! (LOL!) After ages of complete absence of drawing opportunities! HAHA! Well, it's not that great of a drawing but still I am proud.

God bless to everyone! Keep your faith intact!