Friday, June 26, 2009

Coincidence or Truth!

Good day guys! Who has a facebook account? Have you taken quizzes?

Well, I took the quiz titled "the first letter of the person who loves you" and I got N!! I was so excited, because I have this special friend that I really love and her name starts with it. But I said to myself, "what the heck?! It's just a quiz!" But deep inside I liked the result and I took a second try on the quiz with a slightly different answer pattern. And you know what?! I still got an N for an answer. That's the first part!

Days after, just a while ago, I took the "first letter of the person you love the most" quiz. Guess what the result is?! Right!! I got an N! That's when I asked myself if it is a sign for me to pursue the girl! I believe in signs although not all signs! But the other side of me is thinking that it is just a coincidence and doesn't mean a thing!

Here is the scenario! We've known each other since I was 14 yrs old and she was 11. But we got close just 1 year ago during our Church services. And my feelings were about 5 months old! (I am feeling a bit depressed now talking about this!) The fear of destroying our friendship kept me from courting her. But just as I was ready and prepared to court her, a disappointing news (for me but good news for her!) came which left me regretting! She had a boyfriend just 1 month before that day. My whole world was and is still in ruins and I got so down. There was nothing I could do but to congratulate her. Until now, my feelings still lingers on!

I have these questions on my mind and I want you, my dear friends, to help me answer these questions!
  • I feel the need to tell her. Should I?
  • If I won't tell her, would it be painful in my part to continue to be with her as a friend?
  • Should I move on with my life and take a distance from her?
Thank you for helping me decide. Actually I have a decision at this point, but your advice would be of great help to me.

God bless us all guys and keep the faith intact!

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