Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Single Parents

Good day readers! Just finished eating and I am really full. I have a great family which enjoys cracking jokes with one another. Being together, all eight of us, doing what most family do, enjoying and loving each other. We are not rich, also not poor, and we don't own a big house, just enough for us, but still, we are not complaining and are satisfied with this kind of life.

Families play a very important role, actually the most important role, in our lives. A person first develops and strengthens his values and attitude as well as all of his perception of things around him within the confines of his home, with his family. They are always there to support you in whatever you do and to catch you when everyone around you is fated to leave you.

Being in a family with single parents is not an exception. Having only a father or mother in a family can be confusing or can be difficult for the child, but it is much difficult for the single parent. Being a single parent, I believe, is a very difficult task because you don't just have to support the family financially but also do the job of both a father and a mother to a child.

To be a single parent is not easy and sometimes needs guidance from other single parents to handle successfully the family. You can ask for single parents around your area or find single parent chat rooms for online help on things that bothers you.

To all the single parents out there, i salute you. God bless to you all and don't forget to ask for God's guidance in everything you do. Let His will be done!

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

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