Monday, June 1, 2009

Message - Remembrance!

Good day my wonderful friends! This picture is a scanned image of the outcome of our last activity of the recent weekend recollection I attended last weekend.

We were asked to draw an image of ourselves. After we have drawn ourselves, we made a circle and we passed our drawn image around the circle and sign each image that we get. This serves as a remembrance of our recollection. And this is important for me, as well as anybody else, because it would be a good remembrance that there are many people that treasure you. And also to be able to read what they think and what are their messages to you is a good tool to measure and to see what other people perceive you. I was personally touched by the messages. Of course, there are messages that are not that well thought of but there are messages that you can consider as heartily written. It is really touching to read these messages. And also, I would like to boast my drawing! (LOL!) After ages of complete absence of drawing opportunities! HAHA! Well, it's not that great of a drawing but still I am proud.

God bless to everyone! Keep your faith intact!

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