Sunday, May 31, 2009


Good day everyone! I just came home from a weekend activity, The Weekend Recollection! It was a fun activity, full of lessons and emotional moments.

After the recollection, we went to our friend's house to have fun. I found a dvd of the movie Evan Almighty. Yeah I know! The movie is like two years old. LOL! But still, I haven't watched it so I borrowed it. Well, anyways, I watched it. The start is funny, full of laughs and funny scenes. But what I liked about the movie is that it teaches a lot of lessons. It teaches us to value our family. Most of all, it teaches us to have faith in God. To be patient, to listen and to really trust God.

There would be a portion of our life where we face tough and sometimes insanely impossible problems. Well, impossible it may seem, but what we need to do is to have faith and complete trust God. It may be difficult to do that, I know! But one thing I always keep in my mind that God won't give us problems that we can't handle. Everything has a purpose. It may not be that obvious, but the purpose will be revealed in His time!

Another lesson is the meaning of ARK. Well, in the movie, Baxter really built an ark. It is like Noah's. But the real meaning of the word ARK is revealed in the end. It is an acronym for "Act of Random Kindness." To change the world, we should all start by an Act of Random Kindness. Start by doing kind acts, even if it's just a small thing to do but in God's eyes, all acts of kindness are equal. There are many opportunities to do these acts everyday. Helping your mother in chores, picking up garbage, lending a hand to a stranger, etc.

Let's trust in God always. Put your faith in Him. It will be worthwhile to trust Him. The reward is greater than the problem. God bless us all! Keep your faith!

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