Friday, May 8, 2009

Singing for the Lord!

This weekend will be another busy weekend highlighted with the YFC evangelization camp. The camp starts at 5:00pm GMT+8. This will be held at the Luinab Elementary School. There will be may things to do and one of this is to lead the band and the audience in singing the praising songs for the Lord. This is a daunting and hard task because it requires you to be able to lead the people to sing for the Lord. If you sing too much, it would look like a concert, which is not good. And if you sing with little passion, the people around will not be able to feel the songs and some will tend not to cooperate in praising the Lord. But whatever the outcome is, one thing is for sure, all of this, the Youth Camp, is for the Lord and for spreading His words to others. To all Christians out there reading this post, pray for us so that we may attain victory. This will be a spiritual battle between His people and the forces of evil. God bless to us all!

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