Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boston Celtics another chance for a repeat!

After a grueling, physical and exciting series, finally, the Boston Celtics ousted the pesky Chicago Bulls in the best of 7 series in Boston. The final score s 109-99 in favor with the Boston Celtics. Ray Allen scored 23 points to lead the Celtics over the Bulls. Ben Gordon leads the Chicago Bulls with 33 points. The Boston Celtics used a 29-11 2nd quarter to take the lead and held-off the Chicago Bulls to proceed to the semi-finals where Orlando Magic is waiting.

"It was a long, grueling series. I thought this was one of the most mentally tough series I've ever been in," Pierce said. "Thank goodness we were battle-tested and we were able to pull this out in seven games. ... We still are the champs until somebody knocks us off."

"We had a lot of young guys who went through it for the first time. I think that will help us in the future,'' said Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro, himself a rookie. "Whenever you can go through an experience like this, I think it's only going to make you better. Knowing how the level of physicality goes up, knowing how playoff basketball is played. ... It's a great learning experience for us.''

Good job Boston Celtics! Do a repeat!

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