Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Celtics Fall!

The Boston Celtics went down hard in Game 7 of the Eastern Semi-finals of the NBA. They just ran out of gas against the Orlando Magic which used a lot of magic in their win. The score is 101-82. The Magic didn't commit their most rampant mistake, wasting big leads in the fourth. Instead they did everything right in the fourth to extend the lead and put the game away for good. The Celtics fans stood up and gave a courtesy applause for the defeated Celtics as well as for the victor.

Hedo Turkoglu lead the Magic with 25 points on 9-12 shooting and 4-5 from long range. The Orlando Magic found their magic from the outside arc shooting a magical 61.9% on 13-21. The Celtcis were lead by Ray Allen with 23. The Celtics were a dismal 39.2% in the field and a poor 25.0% from beyond the arc.

This was a hard fought series with a lot of heart. If only Kevin Garnett were not injured, this series would be more interesting. Kudos to both teams! Good luck to Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals with the Cavs.

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