Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacquaio vs. Hatton

The most anticipated fight in the boxing world. Manny Pacquiao versus Ricky Hatton. Pacquaio has the speed and powerful blows. A combination of speed and power punches best describe Pacquiao. But Hatton isn't an opponent to be neglected. Hatton packs very powerful body punches. If Hatton lands some of these body punches to Pacquiao, it would make the fight more interesting. Otherwise, it would be a fight with a lot of heart and determination to win. It is a question of who will be the last standing inside the ring. Ofcourse, as a filipino, I m rooting for our "pambansang kamao". Good luck in your fight. And whoever wins, i pray that noone is hurt to the point where one has to end his carreer. God bless to both fighters! Let's just watch the fight! Go Manny!

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