Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time - R. Kelly

Good day everyone! I was just browsing the files in my computer and i found this video. Presenting, the final project we made during our IT 155 - Multimedia System subject in my current course. We were given the chance to choose a music and make a music video out of it. So here it is!

The developers of this video are:
  1. Me - Lead Actor/Singer
  2. Elisha Susana Dorado - Lead Actress
  3. Jules Ian Dagohoy - Lead Cameraman
  4. Kevin Reursora - Lead Editor/Friend 1
  5. John Roger Saldia - Director
  6. Jamaica Marie Casia - Friend 2
  7. Warziv Bacarat - Propsman
This video is the result of hard work and of great minds working together. We got a final grade of 1.25 (2nd highest...hehehe...). Have fun watching the video. God bless us! Thank you for all the support in making this video possible. Kudos!

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