Friday, May 29, 2009

Flores de Mayo?!

I'm back! And what a good news I received! I got rank 2 in my google page rank! WHEW! Well anyways, we had an overnight session with my churchmates to finish the sashes of our darling little queens of our parish's Flores de Mayo, or Flowers of May in English.

Flores de Mayo is a one-month activity in our church where we teach little kids about Jesus and about His mother Mary. It is important for a child to know all about Jesus! We teach them the word of God and His teachings by activities and games. There are lectures but you know kids, they don't seem to pay attention to these stuffs. Hehehe! And at the end of the month, we have this program to culminate the Flores de Mayo where kids from all over our parish gather. One of the highlights of this event is the procession where selected kids portray different roles of the Virgin Mary; Queen of Flowers, Queen of the Virgins, Queen of the Angels, etc. They wear sashes which we made so that al will know who they are.

This is a very fun event. This event will be full of games, activities and food. And most of all, it is very important not just for the games and activities that bond kids, but for the fact that this is for the Lord. Long live Flores de Mayo. God bless us all!

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Lans17 said...

Hello,, I wish to know more about your activities during culmination. Cause ours, we just have the procession but yet it was simple. We are pretty have no knowledge about activities on that occasion. It would be a grace to me if you'll share thnks...