Saturday, May 30, 2009

Royal Rumble?!

Good day everyone! What a day! We watched the final match of our churchmates' team! It was a hard fought battle, but in the end, they couldn't do anything to win the game. Well, it was the end of the tournament for us. We went outside having sighs about the outcome of the game. We were a little bit disappointed about little things 'bout the game. But what we didn't know was that the fight wasn't over. That's the case of our friends having their own tournament outside of the game.

It all started from small taunts in the game that grew when a person kept on poking one of our friends at the back of her head. At first, it was just a minor thing to worry about. As time passed by, the offendant didn't seem contented on just poking and was slapping our poor friend's head. When the game was over, the boyfriend of the victim exchanged words with the offendant and was at each others faces outside the gymnasium. What started out as an exchange of words suddenly turned into a fist fight. But fortunately, there were many people who instantly split them up. It was a heavy atmosphere. People try to get even and some were running, picking up stones, cursing others, as well as threatening each other. Although we outnumbered the offendants, we didn't act as uneducated people and we desperately tried to control ourselves. But still, emotions weren't controlled and some were trying to get even. But eventually, all of it stopped and we went home safely with a face of disbelief on what actually happened.

One thing I learned about the experience was that although we want to get even on some people that did wrong on us, it still isn't the best thing to do. One thing should be done, and that is to pray for those who offended us for their safety and for their forgiveness. It is not us who should decide on what to do to others, but it is for Him, the Lord, to decide.

God bless to us all! And always remember to keep your heads cool always! Adios!

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