Sunday, May 3, 2009

Denver Nuggets a threat to Lakers?!

The Denver Nuggets is known for a very offensive minded team with Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Linas Kleiza, Kenyon Martin and Allen Iverson. But it lacks leadership and a pure point guard. Carmelo can score almost anywhere in the court, wether posting in the paint, shooing 3-pointers and jump shots, there are just few players which is successful in guarding Melo. J.R. Smith also have a shooters touch and can also get hot and athletic enough to get some inside shots and dunks. Linas Kleiza and Kenyon Martin provide back-up mainly in the paint. Allen Iverson is Allen Iverson. But even with a lot of talent, it really lacks leadership and defense. With the Billups-Iverson trade. The Denver Nuggets instantly got what they really needed, leadership in the court and a defensive mentality in the name of Chauncey Billups. "Mr. Big Shot" brings a lot of heart to the Denver Nuggets. And acquiring Chris Andersen gives additional defense in the paint with his ability to soar and block shots.

With a new look Nuggets team, the dominant Lakers squad may have an actual threat to its Championship run. with a combo of Andersen, Nene and Martin in the paint, Gasol, Bynum and Odom will have a hard time getting points inside. That leaves Kobe to score, but with Anthony, Smith and Kleiza, maybe it would slow Kobe down.

This series would be a very good one in the Western Conference Finals given the Rockets and Dallas to fall. Otherwise, it would be a different story. Well, it would be a match-up to look out for. Good luck to both teams. I hope to see this match-up in the West Conf. Finals!

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