Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hatton falls in Round 2!

The long awaited fight is finally here. Fans from all-over the world is just waiting for the gong. As soon as the gong started, Pacquiao and Hatton started to box. After about 1:15 seconds left in Round 1, Pacquiao connected with a right hook and Hatton falls to his knees. Seconds later, Pacquaio connected a successful combination of jabs to down Hatton once more. The round ended with Pacquiao fans cheering and shouting as the "People's Champ" got 2 downs in Round 1. Hatton got back in Round 2, and both fighters exchange punches. With about 14 seconds left in Round 2, Pacquiao connected with a left counter-punch to the right jaw of Hatton. As soon as the punch connected, Hatton falls down and the referee stopped the fight as Hatton has a hard time getting up, even breathing. As soon as the referee announced that the fight is over, Pacquiao fans jumped from their seats and started cheering.

Wow! It was awesome seeing the fight. Freddie Roach predicted a 3-round fight, and he was almost right. 2 rounds with 3 downs! WOW! Amazing! Hatton was nowhere close. Rock on Manny! God bless! Kudos to both of you!

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