Monday, May 11, 2009

Restaurant City!

Hi guys?! It's good to be back blogging. I am back from our very exciting and memorable weekend event, YFC evangelization camp. It is a very inspiring camp! I also met many friends, including this special friend. Hehehe...By the way, do you like playing games? Do you like cooking? Do you like running a restaurant. If you want, then I have just the right game for you.

From the makers of the popular Pet Society, Geo Challenge, Who has the biggest Brain, comes an online game which needs the skill of managing, cooking and decorating as well as social skills. The game is called Restaurant City. You can hire buddies to work with you either as cook, janitor and waiter. There are many recipes to choose from and to put on your daily menu under starter, main and dessert courses. You can trade ingredients with your friends to complete the recipe requirements for your favorite dishes. And you don;t need to be online always to generate income, even while offline. You can access this game through facebook or through Playfish's official website. You need a facebook account to play this game. You can register for facebook through this link.

Enjoy playing restaurant city and search for me and add my account, Earl VIncent Sombilon. Thanks!

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