Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cool, Fruitty and Flowery!

Talk Perfume? Hmmm...Smelling good is as important as brushing your teeth. Even if you are very well groomed with matching tuxedo or jacket and new shoes, when you have a bad odor, all of the good things you wear will be ignored and your odor will be your label for the rest of the day even weeks. Well, for me, I like those perfumes with light scents. Those that are not strong, just mild, and those which doesn't sting your nose. Cool fragrances, fruit fragrances and flower fragrances are my choices since they just smell like nature and not artificial. Well, I am a nature lover who loves the smell of fruits and flowers. Hehehe...

Whatever scent you choose, for as long as you like it then go for it. God bless guys and keep your faith intact!

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