Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Open Forum - Reconciliation!

Good day my friends! Thank God another day has passed by! Have you ever been in a situation where you have a misunderstanding with someone. Having a conflict with someone whom you treasure? Do you find it difficult to tell your friend how you feel? Are you afraid that your friendship might be broken if you tell him/her?

In a group, conflicts are inevitable and is a common occurence. Conflict may result from a disagreement, difference of beliefs, values and the likes. Most of the times, conflict arise from misunderstandings; where one person's action maybe perceived differently from what was really being meant. Technology also plays a role in some conflicts where text messages, emails, chat messages, etc. is usually misunderstood because it contains less of the sender's feelings or the actual meaning of the message. That would be a misunderstanding!

Well, there is one thing you can do to resolve such conflicts. And that is to confront the person/s and tell them your side. That is the best way to resolve a conflict. But sometimes, one's pride hinders the process and may lead to further damage.

That's what happened to some of our friends in our YFC family. We had a little problem within in which mistakes were made, words were said, emotions flared and some feelings were hurt. But that is the beauty of this YFC family. Whenever we have problems regarding hidden and sometimes less hidden feelings, we tend to patch things up through open forums where all people involved in the conflict are gathered and are given a chance to open up and be heard. Aside from the people involved, there are also other people which serve as mediators in the reconciliation process.

This is a good way to resolve conflict especially if the people involved are too prideful or are having a difficult time to resolve the conflict themselves.

That's why I love this family because whenever someone, or in this case many poeple are down or having problems, we are more than willing to help them solve the problems and help them get back to their feet. That's how we love each other. I would be forever blessed to have these people around me.

God bless to all. Continue to inspire more people and keep your faith intact. Love you guys!

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