Monday, June 29, 2009

Leaving Them to Die!

Good day guys! I just woke up. It's still raining and it sure is very tempting to go back to sleep but I got lots of things to do. I got to finish some assignment for my Concepts of Operating System class. Damn, I want to go back to sleep but it's okay!

It's okay to wake up when you need to do something! But what's not okay is to wake up from a deep sleep and realizing that what woke you up are bed bugs. Yes! Those little insects that lives in your bed and feeds on you every time they are hungry.

One thing I did was to buy those sealed mattresses. This mattress cover bed bugs and seals them inside the bed and does not allow them to get food. These bed bugs will eventually die off. The process will be long but is effective in eradicating those pesky little insects.

God bless guys and keep the faith intact!

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