Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jam anyone?

Are you a music lover?! Do you want to listen to music? Do you want to listen to music while playing? If yes, then i have a game just for you! There is this on-line game which i think is the best game for music lovers. This is inspired by the popular game Guitar Hero. The game doesn't just give you fun in playing the game, it soothes your soul with it's database of songs which are all good music. For those who want just to have fun, there are songs in which it's just easy and relaxing. But for those who like to get their hands all wet and eyes get sore, there are songs in which gives you not just fun but also a heart attack. There is the all-time Cannon Rock by Jerry C, Man of Faith by Solar Fragment, On the Rocks by son et lumiere, and others. If you like a certain genre, you can filter songs from a category by genre from Acoustic, Alternative and Blues to Hip-Hop, Folk, Jazz and Rock. You can also duel your friends to see who is the better musician. And for those who want to play with other players, there is the showdown in which it can include a maximum of twenty(20) players. All you need to have to play this game is a keyboard and of course an internet connection. Play now by clicking here. Enjoy jamming your hearts out! Peace Ya ALL?!

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