Monday, January 4, 2010

Direct TV for a high fever!

Hello guys! I'm so busy during my Christmas vacation and this is the first day that I visited my blog again. Last saturday I was a bum. I have this high fever that reached 39 degrees Celsius which made me stay home and rest. Thank God I have Direct TV.

I've beeen subscribing Direct Tv in New York for a while as I watched all my favorate channels, movies and cartoons. I poped some corn, got some chips and dips and drowned myself in cola and "poof", the fever is no more! LOL! Now I can just feel my head aching, my fever is gone and tommorow's my first day of school. I wish I would be sick again so that I could watch my favorite channels again thanks to Directv, heheh.

Thanks for reading my blog! Happy new year! God bless you all and keep the faith intact!

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