Friday, December 4, 2009

Melason - Melissa and Jason Loveteam!

Good day guys! Lately, I haven't watched the television shows because I was so busy and hooked up on the things in the Internet. I was having so much fun surfing the net and getting the things needed-to-be-done done that I forgot that there are so many funny things, or rather interesting things, happening or showing on the television.

I used to watch PBB, Pinoy Big Brother, mainly because of beautiful women and how they act and interact with other women and men. I think my intention/reason applies for most of the men out there who have their eyes full with sexy and beautiful women having their time inside the Big Brother House.

But lately, watching Big Brother makes me happy not just because of the beautiful women in there but because of this uncommon love team that I think swept the whole nation to its feet. This sweet, funny and interesting love team makes the audience not just here in our country but also the audience from around the world cry their hearts out in pure laughter and "kilig."

The loveteam Melason, from the names Melissa and Jason, were undeniably the greatest thing that has happened inside Big Brother house, greater than the Big Brother swap. The first time I heard of the word Melason made me laugh because it sounds like "May Lason" which in Tagalog means "There is poison." They were just having fun with each other until they developed these feelings for each other. They even have a baby name "Dengue" which also made me laugh.

But I think what made them popular was the fact that they are not faking their attitudes inside the house. I think that is the main reason why the audience love them and the fact that the two of them compliment each other made matters better for them. Even my older sister, who was not know to watch Big Brother, have been watching video updates posted on youtube and other video streaming sites for Melason moments and get really, really excited that she would scream in "kilig."

Here are they:

Just keep up the job and God bless. Keep the faith intact!

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