Friday, November 27, 2009

Grandfather Clock for Christmas

Good day guys! It's nearing december.

It's time to sing Christmas songs again.

I'd like to begin with "All I want for Christmas is.." But instead of "two front teeth", what I want is a great grandfather clock in our living room, the one that gives of a loud grand sound. And I want it to function like an alarm clock. This is mainly because what I'll be having for a new year's resolution is to be mindful about my time and to exercise proper time management. I've realized that I'm an adult now and I'm required to do greater tasks. I have greater responsibilities now and yet I still have the same 24 hours that I have to spend every day. Same amount of time, more tasks. For this kind of goal, a normal alarm clock would not suffice.

There's something about grandfather clocks. They seem to demand respect, respect for time. With a grandfather clock looming before me every time I enter our living room, I wouldn't be able to help but feel ashamed with an extra hour that I spend on a computer game, or a few minutes musing over breakfast before I go to school. Its authoritative boom will surely wake me up even on rainy mornings.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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