Saturday, September 19, 2009

What I Needed Is A Lookup!

Good day guys! I commend my cell phone for waking me up this morning. Other than serving as my alarm clock nowadays, it also made me feel like my morning was crowded with people. I got 15 new messages in my inbox, all of which I had to respond to. Recently I had been the contact person of many events. And messages just keep on flooding my phone. It was bad enough that I had to reply to a bunch of people as soon as possible (believe me, it’s like having multiple conversations simultaneously). What really took up my time are those anonymous text messages and callers. Not only do I have to take extra effort in being really polite in asking for their names, I have to somehow take a risk because really, I have no way of verifying the owner’s identity.

I had this number for like two (2) years already. I decided to keep this so that it would be always easy for my friends and acquaintances to reach me. Also, I won’t have to introduce myself over and over again to my contacts. Often times though I wish everyone else had the same principle as mine. That way, whenever somebody anonymous texts or calls me, I won’t have to always keep on asking who they are, and coming up with a excuses just so I’d avoid offending them if just in case, I did delete their number accidentally.

As I finally settled for my breakfast, which had gone cold because of the long wait. I had a deep thought: what I really needed is a Phone Number Lookup. And viola! After a few minutes in the internet, that’s exactly what I got with this website, a Phone Number Lookup. And that pretty much made my day.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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