Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nursing Students - Being A Good One!

“So let me get this straight, you can’t make it at tomorrow’s practice? And there’s a probability that you won’t be there during next Sunday’s show?”

“I’m sorry but I’m scheduled for duty and there’s nothing I can do about that.”

At that point I just rolled my eyes and walked away, while trying to convince myself with all the logical explanation there is in the world so I can overcome the annoyance that was threatening to control me. Fine! I can’t blame him. He’s a student nurse.

I can’t help but be amused by the way the student nurses are in schools these days. They are no longer just identified as the ones wearing the all-white uniform. They’re also the ones with the thickest pile of books and heaviest eye bags, which they get from meager hours of sleep as they balance their exams and hospital duties. They are the ones that are usually school-worn and often experiencing hypochondriac symptoms because of their many school works. In the University that I go to, Bachelor of Science in Nursing has the highest cut off score in the entrance exam so it follows that most of the top students would enroll at that particular course. They also dominate the top of the Dean’s list.

This is typical from a country that’s trying its best to produce the best nurses. Schools and universities had done their best to refine their programs in order to produce the best products because let’s face it, there is this steady overwhelming stream of B.S. Nursing graduates and competition is high. However, being successful in the Nursing Career is hardly based on what school you went to or how high your board exam grade is. Sure they count somehow, but they aren’t really the factor that will keep you going in the long run. What really count is 1) hard work and dedication to the field and 2) making wise decisions. Part of making wise decisions is knowing the best places to be a nurse. You have to know where to build your career. Also, keeping track of the latest trends in a nursing community would surely keep you up to date. Up-to-date information is always helpful. This way, all you’re hard work, will be worth it.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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