Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dream House!

Good day guys! Today is a Sunday and one thing that I really like doing on Sundays is musing about my dream house. As a graduating student, I got into the habit of wondering about how my future will be. Often I think about my future career, where I will possibly work and the probable nature of my future job, which often leads me to think about my possible salary range someday. Eventually, my train of thought goes to what kind of lifestyle I’ll be living someday. This kind of thinking would usually comprise of my dream house, my dream car, my dream pets, etc. But mostly I would linger on how my dream house will be.

It’s just that it requires so much detail. And I pretty much believe that the kind of home I’ll be having someday will pretty much define the quality of life that I will be living. So I imagined my dream house to be somewhere near the sea because I want a fabulous view of the ocean. There were some Driveway Gates San Diego that I saw on the internet and I imagined that it would be cool to have those for my house someday. I’ll probably need some of those Chain Link Fencing In San Diego for my backyard. I’d like to think that I’ll be having a bigger backyard in the future, with not so high walls, which can be bothersome if I want my house to be somewhere near a canopy of trees. My house will be a mixture of a classic Victorian design, with a modern touch. There has to be a library, and a sound proof music room. It will also house a lot of gadgets. In fact, I’d want my kitchen to be fully computerized. I think I’d want my bedroom and my living room to be the same way too. I’m not much of an architect and I can’t really put all of these things together in my head but one thing’s for sure, It’s going to be an expensive house with lots of expensive stuff in it. That’s why I badly need a stable and at the same time, fashionable gate for it. Maybe I can get one at San Diego Fence Company.

God bless guys and remember to always keep the faith intact!

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