Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crisis Solution - Cash Advance!

Good day guys! Classes are suspended the whole day as the city took a break and celebrates its traditional fiesta. Despite the celebration, I can’t help but think about the present crisis that hit Metro Manila. I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post the situation there. Indeed disaster tends to hit during unexpected times. Another disaster that hit the world earlier is the recession, which is a big financial tragedy. Though our country wasn’t as badly hit as that of other countries whose financial disposition were toppled down as recession hit the globe, I still took it as a personal warning to be careful. There is indeed a need to be financially wise.

Being financially wise though does not mean quitting spending at all. It’ll be bad for the economy if people suddenly stop spending. It simply means being precautious in spending, which means learning to sort out the "want" from the "need", and prioritizing the latter.

Also, in this world of electronic cash, I figured that there really will be instances still where real cash is necessary. There will be times when we will be out of real cash and we wouldn’t be able to use any credit card or debit card to pay for an emergency expense. In these cases, going for cash advances is a wise thing to do. It easily solves the problem of unexpected expenses.

An attitude that is worthy adopting is thinking that the money that I have is a blessing that I must use wisely on beneficial things. I must learn to treasure it in a way that I would want to avoid wasting it. Probably with this thinking, all other habits in good financial management will just follow.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

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