Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Choosing The Best Bed!

Good day guys! A friend of mine asked me if what do I prefer for a bed. A water bed? Air mattress/bed? Or a futon? Well, that is something to think about! Each type has its pros and cons when it comes to stuff like comfortableness and cost. Let's go through these pros and cons mainly in comfortableness.
  • Water bed - Water beds are comfortable since it distributes your weight and avoid pressure spots. It also resembles the feeling of floating in water. It also comes with a heater to make your sleeping experience comfy with warm water.
  • Air bed/mattress - Air beds come in different sizes including queen air mattress with pump. One of the advantages of air beds is that the level of firmness can be adjusted to suit your needs. It also adjusts to the contours of your body. You can choose from inflatable air beds or permanent air beds.
  • Futons - Futons are those type of bed that can be used as a sofa and as a bed. They mainly consist of wood or metal frame and a mattress for cover. It's main advantage that most people use is its space-saving versatility because you can just buy one to be used as a bed and at the same time as a sofa. But if you choose comfortableness over space, futons are not for you. Futons are cheap and is affordable compared to the other two.
Well, for me an air bed would be my choice because of it's comfortableness. I also like the feeling of sleeping on air rather than on water. But whatever bed type you choose, go for the comfort rather than the cost. Of course, you must consider your budget but choose a bed that is comfortable to sleep on.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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