Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Bad Example - Worth Mentioning!

Good day guys! As everyone know, the Philippines is experiencing a big problem because of a typhoon that hits in our place. Fortunately, my home city is not included but at our capital, in Metro Manila, the typhoon is causing floods which already killed hundreds of citizens including soldiers and volunteers who risked their lives to save many people from dying. Amidst these crisis, I am thankful to see many Filipinos trying their very best to help each other by donating foods and goods to those who are affected by the typhoon. It is touching to watch and learn that all the Filipinos are united.

As I open and checked my facebook account, my friend tagged me to this very disturbing and disappointing photo. I was so angry and at the same time felt very sad to see this photo of a Korean twitter, I think. By the way here is the photo which I think I need to show.

It is so sad to learn that racism is still existing nowadays. I know that she has a freedom of expression, but please if you need to comment or post something do think if your post will hurt others. And if you have a certain angst for Filipinos, please do keep it to yourself and do not wish for somethings you certainly do not want to happen to yourself. It is better to be silent than to speak with hurting words. God be with you my friend, whoever you are!

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

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