Monday, June 14, 2010

Learning the Purpose

Good day guys! Being alive is a great feeling. Especially if you got to do the things you love and also learn more things and expand your knowledge base. Learn to play piano, to speak more in front of people, to communicate your thoughts well, etc.

Life gives us a wonderful opportunity to do these things. There are so many things to do. But what is the real essence of life? Are these the things that would make us happy? Money? Large House? Cars? Gadgets? They indeed make you happy. After you get those? Are we contented yet? Are we still lacking something deep inside that we can't seem to satisfy with these material things?

Brothers and sisters, what we really need in our lives are not these material possessions but are those unexplainable joys we get when we help others; help them get by their problems, helping them learn new things, helping them to enjoy life, sharing to them how great life can be.

This is called serving God through our fellow brothers and sisters. Let us not forget that our true purpose in life is to praise and glorify the Lord by living our lives in the fullness of Him. Following His examples and living the life that He want us to live praising and glorifying Him in all the things that we do.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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