Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Premarital Sex!

As I watched television, I stumbled on this local show about young fathers. Featuring fathers aged 14-17 years, mainly resulting from premarital sex. And then I ask myself, "What is my stand in premarital sex?" "If the situation presents itself, would I do it?" "Am I firm with my stand?"

There are things to be considered in premarital sex.

Is premarital sex Moral?

As a Christian, I would say it is not moral. God created sex to be enjoyed by two married couple. Premarital sex is termed fornication, sexual intercourse between people who are not married to each other, and it is stated in the bible that "The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity…" Ephesians 5:3. Nowadays, premarital sex is common and a natural occurence among teenagers. But it doesn't mean that everyone will just set aside the right values because it is common, no! God promotes complete abstinence from premarital sex.

Is premarital sex safe physically and emotionally?

Protections such as condoms exists in the market today. It is said that it protects users from HIV. Yeah! It protects the user but it only reduces the rate of acquiring HIV by 85%. What about the other 15% of acquiring STDs. And it only protects us from HIV. What about the other STDs? This should be taken into consideration. And what about the emotional effect of premarital sex? What about embarassment, guilt, resentment and most of all lack of respect? And other parents may disown their children. Personally, I prefer my partner to be virgin, wouldn't you?

Sex is not recreation but re-creation!

Sex is intended for reproduction and not just for recreation or fun. Sex is pleasurable and God intended it to be. But it is for married couples to complete their unifaction. And sex is not just sex, butis the act of making love to your partner, LOVE. It is a sacred act only for those couples who are tied by the hands of God. It is intended for married couples to help prevent unwanted children and abortion. Imagine a world without premarital sex. A world without abortion and unwanted children. Isn't it a paradise.


Premarital sex cannot be avoided. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't prevent it. Prevention of premarital sex starts from home. It is important for the parents to educate their children regarding premarital sex and not keeping them at the dark. It is also important to involve them in other activities away from premarital sex. And it is important to ask God for guidance and protection. Don't worry, if you have committed premarital sex, it doesn't mean you will not be forgiven by God. If you repent your sins to Him and commit to change your ways and to distance yourselves to premarital sex. Then He will surely forgive you. God bless us all!

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