Friday, February 25, 2011

Youth Power - Being Champions of the Poor

Good morning guys! How was your sleep? Great? Well, I got my sleep but it was just for a short while but I am still lucky to have my sleep.

Anyways, we will be having our Youth Power Activity. What is Youth Power, you say? Youth Power is one of the twelve tracks that the CFC - Youth for Christ has released. It is a formation track intended for the members of the community to experience the joy of sharing your blessings through immersion activities and exercising one of the CFC-YFC's identities, being Champions of the Poor.

We will be having our Youth Power at the CFC Provincial Mission Center. Of course, the day will not start without having our opening worship. Afterwards, there will be a talk regarding being a champion of the poor. This part will be from 9:00am - 12:noon.

The second part would be the immersion proper. There are three venues for the immersion. These are the places:

  1. Dangpanan Sa Kabataan - This is a juvenile delinquent camp intended for those young people who committed crimes but could not be put to jail because of their being at a minor age.
  2. Bantay Bata - This is an institution which caters the needs of those children and young people which were abandoned, battered and abused by their parents or families.
  3. Mc Auley Center for abused women and children - This is an institution where those abused, raped and molested women and children are given treatment of their trauma and support for their needs.
The immersion proper includes games, presentations, dances, etc. This will be a fun-filled part. This will be from 1pm - 3pm.

The last part of the activity is the processing and the conclusion. This includes sharing of experiences and learnings. Afterwards is the praisefest which will give us the opportunity to thank the Lord for the experience.

These kinds of activities are very inspiring and very fulfilling. Not because we get to meet new friends but because these activities give you hope for the future.

These activities show us that there is this part of our soul that longs for missionary work. And they also show us that everyone of us has his/her goodness instilled by our Almighty Father.

God bless everyone and keep the faith intact!

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