Monday, May 16, 2011

A Very Great Weekend

Good day everyone! How's life doing on you? Are you all good? Mine is great! I just came from a 3 days and 2 nights Youth Camp held at Corpus Christi Parish Basement. It was a great weekend for me just seeing the young ones having fun and experiencing God's love.

I was a part of the service team during the camp. It was so tiring and exhausting making sure everything is alright. There were many harassment during the camp: from small things like equipments failing, lack of supplies to people problems. The fact that the whole service team doesn't know each other because of so many support service teams from other chapters became a problem itself.

Personally, I got a problem with my hygiene because of the time. I wasn't able to take a bath for three days. (LOL!) I remembered an experience where I wasn't able to take a bath for one day and to top that, I wore an unwashed uniform. I felt very dirty that day. That's what I felt during the last day of the camp but I have no time to feel bad because I was so tired.

But on top of that, it was a very blessed and touching experience. You can really feel God's presence every time you see the young ones smile. God bless everyone and keep the faith and love intact!


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