Monday, March 28, 2011

CFC - Kids for Christ Senior Kids' Camp

Good morning guys! I just want to share the happiness that I experienced last weekend. We had our first Senior Kids' Camp at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Basement. It was really an amazing weekend full of energy amassed by the kids.

We handled 76 kids with age ranging from 8-12 yrs old. So you could imagine us running around with them not because we wanted to play with them always but because they wanted to play with us. Running around like beads that fall and scatter to all angles imaginable.

But at the end of the camp, you could only be very happy seeing their happy faces knowing that they had a great time not just having fun but also learning and experiencing God through our love and care. That, I think is the essence of being a servant. To serve and share the love that God has shown us and not choosing when you are not tired and available but doing it in any way and on any chance possible.

God bless everyone and keep the love and faith intact!

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