Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Manyanita - A Great Way To Celebrate One's Day of Birth

Good day guys! How are you? Doing fine? How was your day? Mine was great. My friend just celebrated his 21st birthday and we surprised him with a 'manyanita'. We sang songs for him at daybreak and we had our honoring.

This is our culture in our community that we grew up. Every time one of our friends will celebrate their day of birth, we immediately plan to give her a 'manyanita' coupled with honoring.

Honoring is done to honor the celebrant and just to say praises to him on how he/she affected your life. We also put a twist by comparing the celebrant to anything: from toys, electronic gadgets to food, clothing, animals, etc. You will be surprised on how creative some could be and on how some are just playing with their answers.

We had a wonderful 'manyanita' plus honring. It was fun because we compared our friend to a Filipino dish. I compared him to a 'paklay' because once you get close to him, you will find out how spicy your life could get with him around.

Friends are really special treasures given by God and should be cherished like how you cherish yourself. God bless everyone and keep the faith intact!

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