Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Q for U Opening

Good day guys! How are you? I am feeling great and blessed. It sure feels good to be with friends, especially to see them strive hard to reach their dreams. It makes me strive harder also.

Last night, we went to the opening of Q for U food house. This food house is owned by the Panerio's.

Q for U offers chicken barbecues: thigh parts and breast parts. It has it's own unique taste that makes you yearn for more. It is still a small-time food house but I can see a future with it. I have a feeling it will grow larger. And that is with God's guidance.

We had a great time talking. But I was more of an observer because it's my first time to be with these ladies. I can see that they really share a great bond. You can see them on the picture. That is (from left to right) Mich, Sweet, Kris, Me, Lorraine and Jane at the camera.

Anything that we do is meaningless unless we share it with someone. To have friends supporting each other is a great stress reliever. It is really great to have sweet and fun friends. God bless you guys and keep the faith intact!

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