Thursday, March 3, 2011

Basic How To's in Cooling your Personal Computer

It's already summer time here in the Philippines and believe me, when it's summer time here it means HOTA HOTA! The average room temperature here is about 30-35 degrees celsius (just an estimation! ^__^). But living in here is like hell. I am almost barenaked here just too cool myself off. And to top it off, the water pumps here are not working. That means no water. Damn!
For us bloggers, our PCs are our life. We can't afford to have our PCs broken. And one factor for a broken PC is overheating. Well we don't want that to happen, right? So hear are tips to cool our PCs.

#1 Keep your room and PC well-ventilated

A well-ventilated room will do the trick. Make sure that your room has a good ventilation system. Keep your fans on and pointing at your PCs. Open your windows, doors and other openings in your house to keep warm air out of your room. Keep the wirings inside your PC neat and organized so that air can circulate inside your PC and doesn't restrict airflow. And keep your casing properly closed.

#2 Don't overconserve your space

Don't keep other electronic hardwares close to your PC. Some people put their printers, scanners, monitors, PCs close to each other to conserve space. This may work on conserving your space but not on preventing overheating. Other electronic hardwares generate heat and keeping them close together make matters worse and may lead to all of them overheating. Always keep about 6-12 inches in between them. This will make their built-in ventilation system work better. Also keep 6-12 inches space between your PC and walls or wood. Also keep your PCs from direct sunlight.

#3 Maintenance

Keep your PC clean regularly. Keeping the outside of your PC clean is not enough. Make sure that all the ventilation intakes and exhausts are free from dust and other obstructions. Clean your PCs at least twice a year. Also keep your heat sinks and other cooling fans and paraphernalia clean and free from dust and lint. As a rule, use vacuum cleaners on the outside of your PCs and compressed air in the inside to avoid damage to PC parts. Cleaning the inside of your PC is very dangerous, so make sure you know what your doing before disconnecting and cleaning yur heat sinks. If you are not confident enough, call your technician for assistance.

Follow these tips for cooling your PCs. These tips will do the trick and will save you from further trouble. God bless everyone and keep the faith intact!

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