Thursday, October 1, 2009

Addiction To Alcohol Leads To Stupidity!

Good day guys! The fiesta had just come to an end and classes resumed today. There were all sorts of happenings: street dances, the “mugna”, and parties, all in celebration in commemoration of Senior San Miguel. People consumed tons of food and tons of alcoholic drinks too. In fact the city devoured a little too much of both. The food is no problem but the latter is another story. One time I took a jeepney ride from my boarding house to the “mugna” and on the way, I witnessed four street fights with one thing in common: the people involved are drunk. Consuming alcohol is not really all bad. A shot here and there won’t hurt. But at times too much of it clouds the mind and causes people to do stupid things. And worse, the casual consumption of alcohol will lead to a permanent alcoholism.

Alcoholism can be a major addiction. It can be life ruining for youths whose lives had hardly begun. It ruins their studies, social lives, relationship with parents and keeps them from learning sober living, which is very important in growing up. Alcoholism, along with prescription drug addiction are one of the most common problems among the young people today. Involvement in these may be solved through alcohol rehab but as the old cliché goes “prevention is better than cure”. The fiesta would have been more fun too if people wouldn’t aim at getting all wasted and were in there proper minds all the while.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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