Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mouth - Watering Beef Steaks!

Good day guys! The semester is finally over and I’m really looking forward to the semester break. After everything I went through this semester, I can really attest that I need a pause from the usual hurly burly of college life. I consider the semester break as my reward. It’ll be the perfect time to repay my body the hours of sleep that I borrowed. It’ll be the perfect time to pig out too, be a couch potato and watch the television all day, and also surf the internet the whole day.

One thing that I am most certainly looking forward to this semester break is my mom’s cooking. My mom loves to cook and trying out new things. But she tends to be super busy during school days, so she can hardly see us anymore and probably lost her inspiration to cook in the process. She’s very creative and adventurous in cooking. This time I want her to go for beef. I was hoping if there’s a site in the internet where I can just buy steaks. There are many types of steaks, I just realized. Some are USDA prime, while others are kobe beef. I don’t care which one my mom would pick, as long as I get to eat my share of a perfect steak. After the main course, I might want crema de fruta for dessert. And with that, everything is perfect. Good food always makes things work out just fine.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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