Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Healthy Living - Being Weight Conscious!

Good day guys! When I finished my dinner, I got this heavy feeling at the back of my head. It's like my heads aching and ready to burst! Well, it's not unusual for me but at this time, I got really concerned. As soon as I got home, I relaxed a bit and got to my weighing scale to see how heavy I got. And as I predicted, my weight is 72 kg which is 5 more than my weight about a month ago and is close to becoming obese. That goes to show that this month was not healthy for me because I was not that conscious about my health because of the many requirements that linger in my mind.

What I needed was to loss weight using those weight loss shakes or by just being health conscious. Sometimes, being health conscious is a good thing because what we need to achieve our goals in life is a healthy and active body! And also we really need to take care of our body because we just borrowed it from our God and we need to return it as healthy as possible.

God bless us all and remember to always keep the faith intact!

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